At the President’s Request

Half a year into his presidency, I think Trump had a pretty good start. One only has to look at his most vocal opponents. If those characters are unhappy, then Trump must be doing a great job. Trump is also keeping his campaign promises. He picked Neil Gorsuch, a conservative successor for Antonin Scalia. (Also, good for the GOP in using the “Nuclear Option” to get the appointment through.) With a conservative majority in the Supreme Court, Trump’s travel ban was upheld. While the United States has a strong history of immigration, it is not obligated to take in everyone from everywhere. Bobby Jindal was right when he said, “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.”

That’s why Trump’s strong stance on illegal immigration is welcomed. The United States is a nation of laws – which protect our rights endowed by our creator. A significant percentage of people that live here are doing so illegally. Ultimately, this is bad for them and our nation. Since Trump’s inauguration, illegal immigration is down significantly. Getting the border wall built is not something Trump can do on his own, but there is some forward movement on that project. It’s disappointing that the GOP isn’t doing a better job in supporting Trump on key issues, such as the border wall.

Economically, things are looking up. The stock market is doing well. (This raises concern though, as it creates a lofty metric for the president to maintain.) Even though the President doesn’t directly control the stock market, Trump has created economic optimism – something lacking in Obama’s presidency. Also, I recently read that the national debt could be down by billions of dollars under Trump’s first six months of his presidency. If you want to combat Fake News, verify that fact and get that information out there. The mainstream media is obviously looking to embarrass Trump. Even Fox News showed horrible signs of bias.

Healthcare is still a mess, but that’s not because of Trump. The GOP campaigned on “Repeal & Replace”. But now that they can actually fulfill that promise, coordination is terribly lacking.

Obama and Hillary screwed up the middle east. Trump’s presidency is showing the beginning of an end to those horrors. Trump is working with Russia to stabilize Syria, not starting another costly and stupid war.

Trump was right to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accords. Humans should strive to be good stewards of the planet, but something about this “Climate Change” drama reeks of a scam. It’s OK for conservatives to – willingly – buy solar panels for their homes, or even drive electric cars, but the Paris Climate Accords admittedly did little but drain money from the pockets of Americans. The free market will solve this problem, as Tesla is doing great things in this area. Conventional companies will be forced to play catchup.

Trump’s trip to Poland was amazing – great speech. It’s refreshing to hear an Amercian President speak that way.

There are some issue though. I am concerned about the GOP and the President’s stance on Net Neutrality. Data should be treated equality, as we the people have already paid for it. The Internet has created tremendous wealth for this nation. It has also give average citizens seemingly magical powers. It’s important to protect that freedom. Big companies should not be able to unfairly compete small businesses. The big service providers are typically hated by customers. Some areas only have 1-2 broadband providers. This doesn’t promote healthy competition, which is essential for innovation.

Also, Trump’s use of Twitter is a bit of a double-edged sword. In the era of “Fake News”, Trump needs a way to combat the bias. He’s been exceptionally effective in doing so. (I even liked the Trump wrestling CNN tweet.) Although, Trump is unfiltered. Sometimes he says embarrassing things. But compared to what Hillary would have been, Trump’s tweets are a minor problem. It’s more entertaining than problematic. The GOP would be wise to support Trump, even when he stumbles a bit. That’s what the Democrats did for “57 states” Obama.

Trump put his family and his business at risk to work for the American People – and he isn’t even taking a salary. They might have to make space on Mount Rushmore if Trump stays on track.