At the President’s Request

Thumbnail - Donald Trump - Make America Great AgainIn my heart, I’m a journalist. It feels against my nature to be hyper-partisan. This is the main reason I’m not registered to vote. I believe that true reporters should hold themselves to a higher standard. (While I’m not active in the business now, I have been seriously considering a return.) It’s OK to critique Trump’s job performance, but it shouldn’t be sport. It shouldn’t be a vendetta. It’s OK for reporters to have opinions, but there should be an openness to fairly discussing all sides of the story. Neutrality is something lacking in today’s media, hence the term “Fake News”. This bias ultimately lead to a surprising email. I was invited to participate in a presidential poll.

With the subject line, “At the President’s request…” I was preparing the use of my delete key. I was suspecting this was the action of spammers or scammers. Yet, the URLs seemed to checkout. They pointed to It wasn’t asking for anything too sensitive, just my name, email, zip code and the answer to one question.

Friend, we don’t trust the fake news polls about President Trump so we’re coming to our top supporters to know:

Do you approve of President Trump’s job performance?

The President appreciates your input.

Please take our Official Presidential Approval Poll to indicate whether you approve of the job President Trump is doing to Make America Great Again!

Thank you,

Presidential Polling
Team Trump

Friend? Top supporter? I only wrote to Trump to ask about his stance on Net Neutrality. Sure, I admit it, I’m glad he won. I’m not a registered conservative though, nor did I make any donations to the campaign, so why’s the GOP contacting me?

I was about to dismiss this message, but it did feel a bit patriotic. If the poll is to be accepted at face-value, the president is trying to set the record straight. Do people really approve of his job performance? The election was marred with inaccurate polls. Now, the mainstream media is touting low approval ratings. Are they right? Based on past performance, that’s highly suspect.

OK, friend, I’ll participate in your poll. I think Trump is doing a good job as president. I clicked “Yes”. I also left a lengthy explanation as to why.