Guild Wars Explorer – A Beautiful Bridge

Ever have dream about a video game? It’s a fairly rare occurrence for me. But considering that I’ve been playing video games for almost three decades, one was bound to happen sooner or later. Sometime in between the release of Guild Wars: Prophecies and Guild Wars: Nightfall, I had an incredibly vivid dream. If dreams were TVs, this was in high definition. We’re talking 1080 progressive, not that interlaced stuff.

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Wii News Channel Review

A blue light quietly pulsed from my Nintendo. The slot illumination function was operating as intended, as my Wii had something important to tell me. It was time for a system update. I wasn’t too surprised. I had heard the rumbling from the Internet. Word quickly spread that Nintendo released the News Channel a day early. A previous Nintendo press release mentioned that the News Channel would launch on January 27, 2007. More than two months after the launch of the Wii, today was the day to check out the News Channel. Here is the complete message from Nintendo, with line breaks included…

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I'm Sorry About The Booth Babes

If I had known this is how it would have turned out, I would have said things differently. The 2006 E3 will not have scantly clad women. If there is even the slightest chance that I am somehow indirectly responsible for the death of booth babes, I apologize. Yet, I’m beginning to wonder if ArenaNet is behind this sudden change. I’m beginning to wonder if I drove ArenaNet to rally against the Booth Babes. Did ArenaNet call for an E3 Nerf?

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Wii Sports Boxing – How High Can The Skill Level Go?

If you own a Wii, odds are you’ve played Wii Sports. My favorite game is Wii Boxing. I love the dual wielding action. The wiimote feels very responsive. Wii Sports Boxing is one of my favorite fighting games – of all time. While experiencing this nirvana of video gaming, I found myself getting back to my gaming roots. Just how high of a score can I get? What happens when my rank hits the top of the chart?

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Guild Wars: Utopia – Chapter 4?

ArenaNet has been quiet… too quiet. Where’s all the information about Chapter 4? That’s when I decided to kick things into “Competitive Intelligence” mode. For those of you that don’t know about CI, it’s ethical information gathering. It’s different than espionage. James Bond I’m not. While I own a Tuxedo, I doubt I could talk my way past the front desk of ArenaNet HQ.

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