Mike's To-Do List!

checkbox-thumbnailIt’s pretty awesome running your own business. The hours are great and the commute is wonderful. The best thing about running photics.com – I have a great boss. Now some might think that running your own business makes you the boss. No, it doesn’t work that way. The customer becomes the boss. That means YOU are the boss. Heh, but don’t ask me to get you a cup of coffee. I’m way too busy with the main objective of this site – creating web content. I decided to share some of that process with you.

When I woke this morning, I realized that I had a lot to do. The next issue of Photics is due tomorrow. Whoa, I’m such a slacker. I barely started work on it. I’ve been so busy with creating the iPhone apps that I didn’t start working on the ezine until now. Plus, I have lots of other projects going on. I like being busy! But when it comes to scheduling, I usually like to keep things in my head. Today, I felt the need to write down my list of things to-do. This is more for motivation and keeping me focused. That’s when I thought, “Why not share this is list with you?”

  • Review Moo’s article for Issue #35
  • Write articles for Issue #35
  • Grab screenshots & artwork for Issue #35
  • Create Photics Store with Guild Wars products
  • Create advertisements
    • Store
    • Guild Wars: High Ground
  • Layout Issue #35
  • Review Issue #35
  • Publish Issue #35
  • Mail out pins for those who contributed

When I’m done, there are other projects to complete…

  • Guild Wars: Conquest – Bring it back online, perhaps with a new game engine
  • Create iPhone app for Photics: Conquest
  • Create iPhone app for Guild Wars: High Ground
  • Photics Arcade – The Return?
  • Guild Wars WordPress Theme
  • Virtualization Article

Lofty Goals

  • Guild Wars Cartoon
  • iPhone RPG

I also thinking thatI should add some more PlayStation 3 content too. I’ve been playing with my PS3 a lot lately. That system has really turned a corner. I think that the same could be said for this website. I’m enjoying the new direction for Photics.com. There’s lots of cool stuff going on. While I’m waiting to see what Apple does with my Photics: Revisions apps, I can get back to some Guild Wars stuff.

Will I make my deadline? We can find out tomorrow! 🙂