Crazy Taxi: The Reason Why I Own A Dreamcast

There’s only one reason why I bought a Dreamcast, that was because I heard Crazy Taxi was slated for the Dreamcast. Sure enough, Sega followed through. Now, for the mere price of $50, Dreamcast owners can have a near pixel perfect translation of the $6,500 masterpiece.

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Less Is More – Nintendo Game Boy Color Review

The Gameboy must have game companies scratching their heads. How could the portable with one of the worst system specs dominate the video game industry? Ten years ago, I called Nintendo in disappointment. The Sega Genesis was released, but there was no counter console from Nintendo. Where was Nintendo’s killer system? The response Nintendo gave was that only the Gameboy would be released that year.

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Dreamcast Game Review – Hydro Thunder (Just Add Water)

Ahh the typical racing game… how boring!!! But what Midway shows you, if you just add water, you can get something exciting. True… HydroThunder was not a big hit with me in the arcades, mainly because it was a dollar a pop. It’s nice to see that a pretty much identical version can be had for significantly less money. I’d say it’s 100 times less than the price of a deluxe coin-op.

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Dreamcast Game Review – Ready 2 Rumble ("This Outta Be A Crime")

The easiest way to describe Ready 2 Rumble is by calling it the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out of the 90’s. It’s a cartoon-like boxer meant to be more than a little silly. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this game deliverers. It’s nothing but non-stop, mindless punch-fest. Ready 2 Rumble is one of those games where you can vent some stress after a hard day.

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