Widgets — Reverse Engineering WordNet

Hype Book vs DictionaryWith the proof copy of A Book About Hype in production, there’s not much to do but wait. There’s a significant delay. In frustration, I seriously considered printing the books myself. While it certainly can be done, that’s not what Photics is about. Patience is needed during the pandemic. Lulu has delivered quality in the past. I’m optimistic that they can do it again. Instead, I should focus my efforts on Widgets. I too need to deliver quality — a dictionary / thesaurus widget. Many people are waiting.

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Free Template Tuesday #34 – Tumult Hype “Jump”

Jump Template — Image ThumbnailCan Hype be used to make games? That was one of the primary objectives for A Book About Hype. Hype 4 introduced the Physics API — a way to leverage Matter.js inside your Hype projects. Yet, it’s next-level JavaScript. It’s tough on the brain. Most people use Hype because they don’t want to code. That’s why we haven’t seen too many games built by Hype. This week’s “Jump” template aims to change that. While there is programming involved, it’s not too terrible.

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Free Template Tuesday #33 – Tumult Hype “Jigsaw”

Hype Jigsaw ThumbnailMany years ago, back in the Guild Wars days, there used to be a cute jigsaw puzzle game on this website. Sadly, it was based in Flash — and Flash is dead. As time passed, I had forgotten about the game… both Guild Wars and the jigsaw puzzle. But with Hype 4’s new vector features, the jigsaw has returned. That’s what this weeks free Tumult Hype template is about. Hype is now powerful enough to create HTML5 based jigsaw puzzles.

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Free Template Tuesday #32 – Tumult Hype “Dark Mode”

Light Mode / Dark Mode — macOS Preferences — ThumbnailOne of the problems with adding “Dark Mode” to your website are those glaring white boxes. You know it when you see it, those pieces of content that simply weren’t designed for low-light conditions. While text and pictures can easily be adjusted, what about interactive content? That’s a little more complex, which is why “Dark Mode” is the topic of this week’s free Tumult Hype template.

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Free Template Tuesday #31 – Tumult Hype “Navigating”

Navigating ThumbnailPhotics.com is not a Tumult fansite. Sure, I like Hype, but I tell it to you straight. The software has its strengths and weaknesses. One of those weaknesses is scene management. The app becomes quite cumbersome to work with when you have more than a few scenes. While some changes can be made globally, modifying multiple scenes generally turns into a clickfest. To mitigate that problem, I’m pleased to present the “Navigating” template.

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