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Pages vs iBooks Author – Which Is Better For Ebooks?

Pages vs iBooks AuthorBy reading the articles on this website, it’s not too hard to see that I like Apple products. Although, I can still be critical of the company. I recently gave Apple a 1-star review for iBooks Author. This review on iTunes was rated helpful over 150 times. Why? What’s the problem with a free program? It’s simple. Just compare iBooks Author to Pages. Both applications can create ebooks, but only one does it without strings attached.

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Was Glenn Beck Right About Watch Dogs?

Emoji - Watch DogsAfter writing about why today’s video games suck, I was wondering if I was turning into a grumpy old man. There was rumbling around the net that Glenn Beck was bashing on Watch Dogs, how it was teaching kids to be hackers. Where are the heroes? Where’s Superman? Honestly, I had a similar feeling. I haven’t played any of the Grand Theft Auto series because I don’t want to play as a criminal. Why can’t a decent open world game be centered around a champion? Even better, why not make it truly open? Play as the character you want to be.

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What Does Plumbing Have To Do With Game Development?

Three shower handlesIn my bathroom, the shower was leaking. I had been fighting with this issue for about five years, which is almost the same amount of time that I’ve been using GameSalad. Then one day, the hot water faucet stopped working. Instead of turning off the water, the handle just went around in circles. The frustration I experienced is similar to the frustration that I’ve been having with Game Development software. It’s a matter of having good tools!

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Three Reasons Why Today’s Video Games Suck!

Emoji - Video Games SuckWith all of the glorious technology available to humanity, shouldn’t this be a golden age of video gaming? Why am I so underwhelmed by the latest releases of software – or even hardware? I didn’t run out to buy an Xbox One (what a stupid name for a console), Nintendo Wii U (yet another stupid name for a console) or a PlayStation 4. Not even the 99¢ (or even free) games on iOS have been enjoyable lately. Why? What’s wrong? I thought about it and found three big issues – problems that are fairly new to gaming.

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Net Neutrality: The Crazy Cable Bill

Emoji GlobeCable companies are dinosaurs. Why pay around $100 a month for TV shows and movies when Netflix is $7.99 a month? However, these monsters are not going down without a fight. Instead of being content with providing Internet access to millions of people, there’s a push to double charge for the delivery of Internet data. Comcast recently struck a deal with Netflix to create a fast lane. This is directly against the notion of Net Neutrality, as the Internet is meant to have only one speed – all data should be promptly delivered without discrimination.

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