Photics: Conquest – Artwork Preview

I’ve decided that I will be dropping the Guild Wars theme from my online role-playing game. Instead, I will be creating an original theme for Photics: Conquest. As long as the main content is tied to ArenaNet, there will always be limitations on what I can do with my game… like charging for premium access or breaking away from lore restrictions. Plus, I think it’s important to build something of my own. There shouldn’t be any confusion between two completely different games. However, that creates a significant problem. The Guild Wars artwork is beautiful. How will I be able to replace that? How can I keep my game professional looking, without the budgets of a “AAA” game studio?

After creating such realistic looking Asteroids for Photics: Revisions – Course Correction, I was reminded about some awesome software that I had used in the past – Daz Studio. The website has links to a free download. The software is “Tell-ware”, which means you’re supposed to tell two people about it. The idea is that if the software is given away in this fashion, more and more people will return to the website and buy licenses to use additional content. There’s a significant amount of models, scenes and props available at the website. There’s so much content that it should be fairly easy to build my own fantasy world.

I only need 2D images, so the Daz content license works out well for me. I’ve already started work on converting my game. So far, I’m pleased with the results. What do you think?

This image could be used to represent the "Amazons" in Photics: Conquest.

If this project works out well, I will likely use Daz Studio for future game projects. For years I struggled with game development. I often dreamed about making my own games or running my own arcade. I dabbled in all of the various trades of the profession. I have some knowledge of programming. I have some artistic ability. I have some marketing skills. Yet, it was very tough to attempt all at once. With GameSalad taking the edge off of programming, Daz Studio making it a lot easier to create artwork, and with Apple creating a huge market for independent game developers, I have a better chance of fulfilling my lifelong dream. Plus, Apple isn’t the only market. There’s Android and the various “me-too” app stores.

There’s also the Internet. My arcade can be here, at I don’t have to sit behind a counter and make change for kids. I don’t have to babysit a storefront. I can focus on the fun stuff. It seems that I’m on the road to success – far better than I imagined it could be. (When I was younger, I did not know of the Internet.) Although, even with all of this, the road ahead still represents quite a fierce journey. If I’m successful, it means that I’ll have a job that I enjoy and you’ll have fun games to play. Today, I believe that I took a rather large step in the right direction.