Radio Silence

Radio Silence is usually updated with a new article at least once a month. That’s not exactly a demanding benchmark to meet. But for the next six months, even hitting that mark might not be possible. The 10-Year Plan has been modified to accommodate two significant projects. Within the next 2-3 months, the hope is to launch “Widgets”. (That’s the new name for the “Dartboard” app.) It is quite possibly the best Photics app ever made.

There’s still a ridiculous amount of work to do. To make matters worse, there’s only a small window of opportunity for this project. With macOS 10.15, Apple is getting rid of the Dashboard. That’s disappointing, especially for people that use the app daily – like me!

The transition has already started…

Weather Not Working in the macOS Dashboard

The macOS Dashboard hasn’t been displaying the weather information. The “Notification Center” appears to be the replacement, but that just doesn’t work for me. I need more space for my favorite info. (Disclaimer: The screenshot is posted for illustrative and historical purposes. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. And what a historical week it was, with the S&P 500 closing over 3000 for the first time ever.)

That’s the purpose of the “Widgets” app. I doubt if Apple would approve a cut-and-paste of the Dashboard app, which is why “Widgets” is designed to be different. This is where “Radio Silence” enters the picture. Normally, I’m quite chatty about what I’m working on. Not this time. “Widgets” is a bit of a secret.

Another part of “Radio Silence” is that I’m not posting as much on the Tumult Forums. For those of you wondering about “A Book About Hype 4”, don’t worry! That’s highly likely the next Photics project.

Prepare for Submission – A Book About Hype 4

For those of you using the contact form, asking to be informed when the book is launched, this is very encouraging. I don’t want to rush the “Widgets” app, but I am looking forward to moving onto the book project too.

In other words, it’s a very busy time. That’s why I’m posting this. If isn’t regularly updated in the next few months, it’s likely because a lot of work is going on behind the scenes.