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Remoter - ThumbnailSometimes, an iPhone isn’t enough. Sometimes, the power of a desktop computer is needed. That’s where Remoter comes in. Through Virtual Network Computing, your iOS device can access a desktop computer that runs VNC. If you’re new to this stuff, you might be wondering, “What is VNC?” Well, every new Mac comes with it automatically installed. With just a few clicks, you can set up your Mac to be accessed remotely.

Go to…

  • System Preferences > Sharing > Screen Sharing > Computer Settings

There you should see the option, “VNC viewers may control the screen with a password.” By enabling the option and setting a password, Remoter can access your computer. Well… maybe. You’ll also need to know the host name, which is usually an IP address.

VNC is not new. The use of such technology is not what makes Remoter special. Instead, this app is affordable I bought it for only 99¢ (plus New York State sales tax). Remoter has lots of great features too. It’s a Universal Binary. I could control my Mac Mini from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The app also does a great job at mitigating limitations. My iPhone doesn’t include a physical keyboard or a mouse. Remoter can mimic those devices.

Remoter - Mac Desktop
That's my Mac, displayed on my iPhone 4!

In the Winter, my office can get chilly. I often wonder, “Wouldn’t it be nice to do this work on the couch?” I could sit next to the sunny window and not feel so cold. With Remoter I can, but I don’t. That’s because of a few issues. It’s just not easy to work from an iPhone. Even with a Retina Display, everything is scrunched together. It’s hard to move things around. Typing is especially problematic. Bringing up the virtual keyboard covers a large portion of the screen.

Another concern is security. By allowing VNC, I’m adding a weakness to my network. If I allow VNC over the Internet, a hacker would only have to guess my password to wreak my defenses. This is not exactly a novice tool. I don’t recommend turning it on and forgetting about it. Remembering to protect your network is also an important part of using Remoter.

If you know what you’re doing, and you’re aware of the risks, this could be a handy app. If you’re not experienced in such matters, this might be an opportunity to learn. I recommend caution with Remoter. It’s a powerful app.

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  1. Remoter was updated recently. Also, not too long after I wrote this review, SSH was added to Remoter as an in-app purchase. That creates a more secure connection between the two devices, but both devices need to support SSH.

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