Apple’s iBooks Store – Worth The Effort

Stylized iBooks iconsA posting from October of 2014 (iBooks Author – Try Again?) showed that I was struggling with Apple’s iBooks Store. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. My book sales were underwhelming. Should I just give up or should I keep trying? Ultimately, I decided that I would keep trying. I looked at my past mistakes, which were listed in the article, and then I tried to learn from it. The end result was success. For a few days in December of 2015, A Book About Hype was the #1 “Computer & Internet” book on iTunes.

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Learning About ePub – Making Books For Mobile Devices

What is Photics? What does it mean? That’s a common question when people inquire about my website. Photics is an area of science. But in regards to this website, Photics is my Internet publishing business. With the success of The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook, I’ve been thinking about traditional book publishing again. Although, with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iBook, the Nook and the Kindle, publishing a book today is not so traditional. I had to learn about the ePub format.

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