The Mac App Store – Home Of The New Creative Suite

Video editing is another big area for Adobe. Premier is just one of those big apps. I don’t do a lot of video editing, so I don’t miss it. Surprisingly, I’ve been getting by with just iMovie. If I had to create something extravagant, I’d probably consider Final Cut Pro. Both are available on the Mac App Store. For audio editing, perhaps Adobe Audition could be replaced by Logic Pro – but I just use Audacity for audio editing. Whatever the Mac App Store doesn’t have, there usually is an Open Source alternative…

  • Photoshop –> GIMP
  • Illustrator –> Inkscape
  • InDesign –> Scribus
  • Audition –> Audacity
  • Dreamweaver –> WordPress / Drupal
  • Flash –> Uh, did I mention that I like Hype?

By forcing great Adobe applications into the cloud, and adding a $600 per year subscription fee, I was forced to look for alternatives. With just a few Mac App Store apps, I saved hundreds of dollars when compared to the Adobe Creative Cloud. And if subsequent years are lean years financially, I don’t lose the Mac App Store apps. The copies are mine in perpetuity. Adobe is simply not being logical. Why would I want to rent software at a higher price, when I can own similar tools for less? Adobe, you’re just not making sense.