The Mac App Store – Home Of The New Creative Suite

Mac App Store IconIt might be a bit unfair that I’m so angry with Adobe. With their applications, I’ve had a successful career and made a decent amount of money. And yet, when Adobe switched the Creative Suite to their cable bill pricing plan, I became infuriated with them. I don’t want my apps checking for permission with the cloud. I don’t want to rent my tools. But Adobe’s the best, right? What’s a designer or web developer going to do without Adobe? Well, with a Mac, there are a lot of options. Apparently, the Mac App Store is the home of the new creative suite.

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Pixelmator – A Successful Alternative to Adobe Photoshop

If you’ve been following this website, you might have detected a strong hatred toward Adobe. I consider their software to be overrated, bloated and expensive. Sure, Photoshop and Illustrator were great — BACK IN THE MID 90’s — but the software just hasn’t progressed all that much since then. True, there are some nice new features in the latest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite. Are these features worth hundreds of dollars? I don’t think so. That’s why I purchased Pixelmator. I like to encourage competition!

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A Strange Transaction – The Best Buy to iTunes Gift Card

Gift cards are peculiar gifts. Instead of simply giving money, people buy these decorative symbols of store credit. It does seem like a nicer present than cash, as some thought is involved. The gift-giver may not know exactly what to buy, and it is certainly undesirable to purchase the wrong gift, so it’s at least narrowed down to the right store. But what if they guessed wrong? What if you wanted to go shopping in another store? I got a Best Buy card and I was able to convert it.

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