Photics: Toolbox

The Photics: Toolbox also contains a chalkboard. You can use it just like a real chalkboard. But unlike a traditional chalkboard / blackboard, there’s no dust. Simply move your finger across the screen to draw or write on the chalkboard. You can also use it to play games, like tic-tac-toe.


There’s also the Photics: Toolbox – Lightbox. It’s late at night and you’re hungry for a snack. But if you turn on the lights, you’ll disturb the other people that are sleeping. The lightbox can help. Simply set your brightness up and turn on the Photics: Toolbox – lightbox. By turning your screen white, you can point your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad towards the ground – illuminating your way.

The lightbox could also be used in a pinch to view slides or negatives, but there’s more to the lightbox than just a white screen. Press the slider icon to bring up the Red, Green, Blue and White controllers. This enables you to change the color of the lightbox. If you see a color that you like, the numerical values are displayed on the buttons.


With the Photics: Toolbox – Level, you can turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a digital protractor. By visualizing the data contained in the accelerometer, you can use the level for all sorts of applications… like straighten a crooked frame or measure the incline of a hill. The degrees are displayed on-screen. For greater precision, the Photics: Toolbox allows you to calibrate the X & Y values of the accelerometer. Once calibrated, the adjustments are saved for the next time you use the device.


With the Photics: Toolbox – Tally Counter, you can tick off numbers like you would with a real Tally Counter. Touch the plus button to add one and touch the minus button to subtract one. With five digits displayed on-screen, you can count all the way up to 99,999. If you close the Tally Counter, your number will be stored for later use. The numbers move in a realistic fashion, to simulate an authentic Tally Counter. Once you’re done counting, touch the minus button for five seconds to reset the digits back to zero.

That’s six tools for the price of one. If you were to buy real world versions of these tools, you could spend hundreds of dollars. But that’s not the case with the Photics: Toolbox. It’s not $100… it’s not $50… it’s not $19.95… it’s not even $9.95. No, the Photics: Toolbox is available for only $1.99. That’s six apps for the price of one. The educational value and usefulness of these tools could be immeasurable, but they can be yours for less than the price of a box of cookies. And while I like cookies, the knowledge that can be unlocked by the Photics: Toolbox could easily cover the cost of the app itself.

The Photics: Toolbox reduces clutter by keeping these helpful utilities in one central location. The Photics: Toolbox can also be an excellent educational tool, to teach counting, time-tracking, measurement keeping, drawing and more! So what are you waiting for?!

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