Wii Menu Version 3.1 Update – Add a Keyboard to Your Wii

My Wii was making that blue glow again. Nintendo was doing something else to my little console. What could be going on inside the Wii today? I loaded up my system to find out. I was greeted by three new messages, all from Nintendo. What could be so important? It was a new system update.

Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you that you can now update your Wii Menu to version 3.1. To do this, please select the “Update” button at the bottom of your screen.

Please note that you can now use a USB keyboard with the Wii Menu.

Please go to www.nintendo.com to learn which keyboards can be used.

**If you’ve updated your system on or after October 10, you may already have the latest version of the system software and do not need to perform this update again.

Oooooohhh… now this is exciting. I dug deep into my closest and I pulled out a Zboard from Ideazon. I was surprised! It worked. I wrote a quick message to test things out. Click, click, click… I sounded like I was typing with a machine gun. Using a keyboard to compose messages is a lot faster than the Wiimote. You’ll quickly hit the character limit with the newfound speed.

There were some other changes as a result of this update. The Everybody Votes channel required updating. It’s been a while since I answered pointless questions. While the novelty of the Everyone Votes channel has worn off, I decided to see if there were any noticeable changes. I couldn’t tell if there was anything significant, but I did notice a “skip” button on the Poll Results display.

One thought on “Wii Menu Version 3.1 Update – Add a Keyboard to Your Wii”

  1. To truly test out my Wii / Keyboard powers, I decided to type a comment. It’s not too bad writing this message, but I’d feel more comfortable at a desk. I just don’t think it’s all that important to have a keyboard on my Wii. Heh, if anything, I have a Wii to escape from the keyboard. But hey, it sure is nice to have the option.

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