What's Going On Here?! – The Future of Photics.com

As you might have noticed, I’m changing things up at Photics.com. It was a great run with Guild Wars, but three years is a long time. A man should be faithful to a woman, but not a video game. I’m reverting things back to the way they were. Photics.com is now a general gaming website.

Photics.com is basically my blog about video games. There will be reviews, news and feature articles. Don’t worry Guild Wars fans, this doesn’t mean the end of Guild Wars coverage. If anything, I’d like to bring back a lot of content that went missing. There’s a lot to be done. But for now, I’ve created a to-do list…

      Sexy 404 Error Page – With all of the content moving around, there have been a lot of 404 (page not found) errors. I’m going to work on correcting that with Apache Redirects. Yet, whenever the content cannot be found, the experience should be as painless as possible. That’s why I want to make a “sexy” 404 page. The current page is kinda boring.
      Repost WoW comic – Kittens are cute!
      Repost Wii Sports Article – Hey wow, I already did this! I just have to figure out how to make the redirect work. Lots of sites are linking to the old article, but I haven’t figured out how to make an apache redirect point from /showthread.php?t=559 to the new article. Grrr… stupid question marks!
      Dynamic Images with section – I like to keep a unique look for the Guild Wars categories. So instead of random banner images appearing with each page, there would just be a specific image for each category. First I have to figure out how to make WordPress do that, and then I have to make unique banners for each category. I’ve almost got the first part figured out. The hard part is making the system work for pages without categories. Yeay… I’m learning more about PHP.
      Copyright information to go somewhere – I have to put the Guild Wars copyright notice back on the site. It would be silly to have Guild Wars copyright information appear on a page that’s about Halo 3. I’ll have to figure out a system for this issue too!
      Photics Volunteers – This site is about my articles. However, I’d like to open up some projects to the community. I’d like to create a staff page that lists the names of those that are helpful to this site. To kick start things, I’m looking into starting an Open Source project. A lot of you miss the Photics Arcade. So, this site needs an Arcade Mod. That’s my idea for the Open Source project – A WordPress Arcade Mod!
      Gwen’s Quest (revised) – When the Photics Arcade is fully operational, I’d like to bring back Gwen’s Quest. This is going to be especially cool, as the new version will have music from the game. I’ve been thinking about bringing back RogueBATTLE too. I’m not so sure about the latter though.
      “Beautiful Bridge” Article – This article was lost a while ago. I’m bringing it back!

Basically, I’ve got to get back into a routine. I’d like to update this site every day. That shouldn’t be too difficult, not with an entire industry to cover. Sometimes I’ll just add old articles to the archive. I’ve got years worth of stuff that I haven’t brought back online. I feel really good about this change. I’m excited about adding new content again!