Wii Online Gaming – Buying Battalion Wars 2 (BWii)

Game companies do send me free stuff, for reviews or promotions, but I also buy my own games. Generally, it is a rare occurrence that I’ll get a review copy of a new game. For the most part, it’s my own hard earned money that is spent on these video games. Knowing that Battalion Wars 2 will be released for the Wii on October 29, I’m wondering if I should drop $50 on the game. I’ve given it some thought and I am probably going to do it. The reason is simple – Cooperative & Competitive Online Play!

My biggest complaint with the Wii is not the lack of high definition games. It’s the lack of impressive online games. Where’s the Wii equivalent of Halo 3? When you lead a 1000+ player army to victory – in two separate MMORPGs – single player games are just unexciting. Battalion Wars is nowhere near those numbers, but it’s a step in the right direction. My Wii has been online since the day I took it out of the box. Wii Internet connectivity is a great thing, if I want to check the weather or current events. If I want to play online games like Guild Wars or World of Warcraft, the Wii doesn’t deliver. That’s why I’ve been looking forward to Battalion Wars 2. Here’s the official description on the three different modes of online play…

Skirmish mode (points-focused head-to-head battle): An all-action game mode that pitches players against each other in a frenetic battle for points. Destroy the other player’s units to win points. Larger units score higher points. Players capture facilities to add to their fighting forces and restrict their opponent’s reinforcements. When the timer runs out, the player with the highest score wins.

Assault mode (objectives-focused head-to-head battle): A fast-and-furious race against the clock that focuses on assaulting or defending a series of objectives. Destroy objectives and advance the front line. Launch an offensive and capture the enemy HQ in record time or hold the line against overwhelming odds.

Co-op mode: Play side-by-side with friends. Join forces to complete gold and silver objectives and defeat the enemy together. Combine different armies to defeat the common enemy for the first time. Players use a simple, two-button communication system to coordinate their attacks.

2 thoughts on “Wii Online Gaming – Buying Battalion Wars 2 (BWii)”

  1. The only part of this game that worries me is the communication system.

    “Players use a simple, two-button communication system to coordinate their attacks.”

    doesn’t inspire confidence.. I don’t want to end up with what ultimately results in an inferior computer ally or enemy. Half the fun of online play is talking to who you’re playing with.

    I understand Nintendo’s fear of allowing voice chat with strangers, but they already have Voice Chat in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl for Nintendo DS… I at least want to be able to voice chat with registered friends while playing Co-Op, otherwise the experience is broken.

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