Annoyed Tomatoes Back Online

Annoyed TomatoesIt took a while, but now I’m starting to master Stencyl. After nearly two years of working on many unfinished Stencyl projects, I finally finished a full game. Today, Annoyed Tomatoes returns as an online Flash game. Annoyed Tomatoes originated as an iOS app, which was meant to be an Angry Birds clone. But somehow, it morphed into a shooter. Yeah, it’s a little goofy, but it’s part of Photics history. It was also a great learning experience. Now I’m better prepared for completing my Stencyl book.

There are some cool features in Annoyed Tomatoes…

  • Video (Mission Briefing)
  • Custom Mouse Icon, with target highlighting
  • Music / Sound / Animated Enemies
  • Particle Effects
  • Intro/Level 1 Transition

Annoyed tomatoes was originally created with GameSalad. But unfortunately, the web publishing options with GameSalad are limited. I decided to port the game over to Stencyl. But to do that, I had a lot of little technical issues to resolve first. There were some screwy issues, particularly with layers and shot detection. So, I had to get creative with the design.

The project was fairly fatiguing, so I’m not quite sure what happens next. I could go back to porting BOT. I could also start working on an arcade system for Working on some original games also seems like a great idea. While there are options, the main project is still the Stencyl book. That’s on-hold until Stencyl 3.0 officially leaves beta. I’m not sure how long Stencyl 3.0 will remain in beta, so I don’t know how ambitious my next project should be.

What I do know is that I’m glad that I stuck with Stencyl. It was incredibly frustrating at times. But overall, it’s powerful game development software. I like having options.

2 thoughts on “Annoyed Tomatoes Back Online”

  1. Great game Photics. One bug thought, it said I had 132% accuracy. I for sure wasn’t that good.

    1. I’m glad that you liked the game. :D

      I changed the hit counting logic to fix the accuracy bug. I think it’s better now.

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