Developer Registration With The Android Market – Credit Card Cold Feet

A bit of a wet blanket on my Google Android Market endeavor is the $25.00 registration fee. But hey, I might make thousands of dollars here. I suppose I shouldn’t be too grumpy about that. I don’t mind spending the money. What I mind is the terms of service.

After reading the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement and the Google Checkout Terms of Service I finally felt comfortable enough to take the plunge. I can trust Google, right?! They do have the “don’t be evil” motto. I respect that philosophy. That’s what license agreements are usually about – playing nice. OK, OK, OK, I won’t use Google Checkout to buy or sell body parts, explosives, pornography, slot machines or other such devious activities. Alright… I understand that I can’t sue if an act of God floods the Google server room. Is this really necessary?

Side Note: I am disappointed that the phrase “force majeure” was not used.

I actually used my T-Mobile G1 to read some of this legalese. I’m not a lawyer, but it seemed like standard stuff to me. I decided to splurge and spend the $25.00 on the registration. I felt that it was something of a commitment. It says, “Hey… I’m serious!”

I clicked the button. My order was placed, but then I was tripped up with yet another agreement page. It looked like the same copy as before, but it had a checkbox that I found disturbing…

I agree and I am willing to associate my credit card and account registration above with the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement.

Um… no, I don’t agree to that. Why does Google need my credit card? It wasn’t clear to me. Right now, this is more of a hobby than a business venture. I don’t feel like using my credit card with beta software.

I contacted the Android Market and I’m waiting for a response.