Discussing Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign and Website

Anyway, I was happy to see the error page on Trump’s site for two reasons. One, it shows that running a website is a serious job. Trump and his web team should be realizing that today. Perhaps an upgrade is in order. $3 is not enough to run a website – certainly not for someone as popular as Trump. I was wondering where the $3 figure originated. Maybe it’s related to a promotion at GoDaddy, where a .com domain name is $2.99 for the first year – but it’s $14.99 for subsequent years. That doesn’t even include hosting charges.

Yet, I was more happy for another reason. It probably means that Trump is doing well. While I don’t know the specifics for Trump’s website, a modern website should be able to handle thousands of concurrent visitors. That’s a lot of activity for a tax plan.

To the people of the United States, if Trump makes you angry, here’s something to think about. He’s a billionaire, but he wants to work for you – and he wants to do it for free. Isn’t that great?

One could be skeptical about Donald’s motives. Maybe he feels a calling to do good. Maybe he’s in it for the fame and the prestige. The point is that you don’t have to be jealous or bitter because he’s rich. That’s what makes America great. We all have a chance to purse our dreams. It looks like Donald is doing a good job at pursing one of his.