Free Template Tuesday #1 – Tumult Hype “Coconut”

Hype Template #1 — CoconutNow that “A Book About Hype” is complete, I’ve been wondering what should be my next big project. I’m not quite sure yet. So while I’m figuring it out, I thought that I’d create some free Tumult Hype templates to help promote the book. The idea is that I’ll release a new one every Tuesday. With Hype, it’s fairly easy to create new templates, so I might be able to maintain this routine for at least a little while.

It seems that some people are having trouble working with sounds in Hype. The idea is that they want to play a sound at a specific point in the timeline, but they’re not quite sure how to accomplish that. The first step is to import the sound into the Hype “Resources” folder. Hype has listings for mpeg, ogg and wav audio files, but m4a files can be used too.

Hype Timeline Action – Play Sound

Once the sound is ready, the next part is to manage the Timeline. In the “Timeline Actions” row, there is a little plus shaped icon. Clicking that icon adds a new “Timeline Action” keyframe. Move the “Timeline Cursor” to where you want to add the “Timeline Action” and then press the plus icon. That adds a diamond-shaped icon to the row. Click that diamond to open the pop-up window.

  • The “Action” is “Play Sound”
  • The “Sound” is the sound you want to play.

By aligning the keyframes with the animation, sound effects can be added to the project. In this example, there are three timeline actions. That is because the audio file is played three times – one for each time the coconut bounces. Hype uses HTML5, so the audio effect should be quite compatible with modern web browsers.

For those of you that are longtime visitors to this website, the coconut sound might be familiar. It’s from the “Coconut Hit” Free .WAV Wednesday post. By downloading the “Coconut” Hype Template, you can see how the project was setup in Hype.

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The “Coconut” template is also the topic of a YouTube video on Photics.TV