Free Template Tuesday #16 – Tumult Hype “Origin”

Christmas Tree GridMerry Christmas! It is a day where we celebrate the birth of Jesus — and to celebrate we give each other gifts. There are many religious and non-religious reasons why the day is significant. But for this post, let’s look at the origin. It is the year 2019 AD or Anno Domini. That’s Latin for “in the year of our lord”. Even if you use “CE” (Common Era), instead of “AD”, the calendar’s starting point is the same. Jesus is the origin point.

Hype also has an origin. This isn’t about the day the software was released. Rather, this is about positioning elements in the scene. These digital boxes are placed on a grid. It’s similar to the Cartesian Coordinate System from High School Geometry class. The “X” position is the horizontal location and the “Y” position is the vertical location. But in Hype, just like in HTML, the origin (0,0) is located at the top-left.

Sound confusing? That’s what this week’s free Hype Template is about. The “Origin” template is an easy way to visualize HTML positioning. Just click/tap the grid to see how the values change.

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More about this topic is covered in A Book About Hype. But since the new version of the book is to be printed, I wasn’t sure what to do about the previously interactive parts of the book. That’s when I got into the Christmas spirit. I can post the book templates here — as free downloads. How festive! Clearly this is marketing, as the hope is that you’ll eventually buy a copy of the book. But if not, that’s OK. Merry Christmas!

Download the Origin Template to see how it works.

As I work on updating the book, the plan is to keep adding free templates to this website. Hopefully these helpful files jumpstart your next Hype project, so you can build something wonderful.