Free .WAV Wednesday — Coconut Hit

People eat the stuff on the inside of the coconut. That didn't look too appetizing to me.

So there I was, making clacking sounds with two halves of a coconut. I was able to get the rhythm right, but it didn’t sound like a horse. It sounded like a guy with a coconut. Even though I spent time and money to recreate a horse galloping sound effect, the final result was not added to the collection. I think that highlights the quality of the 500 sound effects. It’s not just about what was included in the collection, it’s what I left out.

I was able to salvage one coconut sound effect that I did like. That’s this week’s freebie.

If a character in your game is clonked with a coconut, this sound effect might be suitable. With GameSalad, it’s really easy to play sound effects when an actor collides with another actor.

With GameSalad’s “Rule” and “Play Sound” behaviors, you can make sound effects play when certain conditions have been met. In the above example, when the “Coconut” actor “overlaps or collides” with the actor, the “coconut-hit-1.ogg” file will play.

I might reattempt this project one day, but that largely depends on future success. The feedback for the sound effects collection has been wonderful, but it still bothers me that I wasn’t able to recreate such a basic sound. Even as I write this, I imagine how satisfying it would be to slice open a coconut with an angle grinder. But not only is that beyond the budget for my sound effects, it might not work out the way I envision it. Will I get the perfect coconut split, or will I accidentally harm myself with a power tool? I don’t know and I’m not sure if I will find out.

If you don’t want to wait for the next edition of “Free .WAV Wednesday”, if you want to read more about GameSalad right now, you can buy a copy of The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook. If you want more sound effects, you can purchase a license to the complete Sound Effects — By Photics collection. The free sound effect file is provided under the same license as the full sound effects collection.

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  1. Were you clacking the coconut halves together to try and make a galloping sound? If so, try sitting and putting a board across your legs and do the coconut halves against the board. For some reason my brain tells me that’s the trick.


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