Plush Gwen Contest [RELAUNCH]

It’s looking like a long road to Guild Wars 2. Do you need something to do? Are you in need of a new Guild Wars challenge? If you’ve got the skills, if you’ve got the creativity, if you’ve got a decent Internet connection, maybe you can enter the Plush Gwen Contest.

The contest is being relaunched because there was a lack of interest in the original contest. No one created a blog that was qualified to enter. The relaunch is to make the contest more inviting.

One of the last actions that Gaile Gray made as the ArenaNet Community Relations Manager was to approve the creation of the Plush Gwen. It is a rare prize, it’s custom made, it cannot be bought in stores and I think it’s adorable. Would a Plush Gwen doll be the perfect gift for you or someone special in your life?


The Plush Gwen Doll is about 9 1/2″ inches tall. The Plush Gwen has an iconic red cape and the familiar hair cut.

To enter the contest, simply enter a comment (on any open post) between now and the official launch of Guild Wars 2 or December 21. 2010 — whichever comes first. Your comment must must include a valid email address. The best comment wins the Plush Gwen doll. You can create multiple comments, but don’t spam the website.

Comments will be judged by the following criteria:

Feeling – Is the comment powerful that it creates a feeling of strong emotion, such as laughter, happiness, or sadness?

Formatting – Does the comment make good use of smileys and HTML formatting?

Helpful – Does the comment help someone? Does it give useful information the community?

Guild Wars – Is the comment about Guild Wars?

Originality – Does the comment stand out as unique? Can the comment be found anywhere else on the Internet?

Popularity – Does the comment encourage further discussion?

Readability – Is the comment well written? Are there grammatical errors? Does the comment make sense? Is the comment too short or too long?

Spelling – Is it apparent that the comment author checked for spelling errors?

Timely – Was the comment posted soon after the related article was posted?

Friendly – Is the author of the comment polite and friendly to the members of the community?

There are 10 categories, which will translate into a percentage score.

The comment must follow the rules of this website. For example, you must be at least 13 years old to submit a comment. Employees of Photics, ArenaNet or NCsoft are not eligible to enter this contest. Real life friends and family members of Michael Garofalo are also prohibited from entering this contest.

The prize has an approximate retail value of $100. Applicable taxes are the responsibly of the winner. The contest is void where prohibited. is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances, such as electrical failure, acts of God, floods, fires, plagues, nuclear war, site outages, etc. reserves the right to modify the rules and/or the prize to accommodate unforeseen issues. By entering the contest, you agree to these contest guidelines.

33 thoughts on “Plush Gwen Contest [RELAUNCH]”

  1. I was wondering when you’d bring back the contest, this is a nice change. Since I won the first one, am I eligible for this one? You didn’t say what makes you not eligible, are there any requirements?

  2. Hello Moo. You’re not eligible for this contest. You already won the other Plush Gwen. There are only two Plush Gwen Dolls in the world. I don’t think that it’s fair for you to get both of them. (I thought that you knew that already.) However, you are eligible for other contests, such as the March / April Photics Team contest.

    1. Hi Aeris. The winner was announced here…

      Carlos Icaza won the contest. Even with losing 10 points for not being related to Guild Wars, his comment still scored well. His comment caused a lot of excitement for three communities.

      The main idea of the contest was that it would encourage a community to form here. Heh, that didn’t really happen. I’m a little bit surprised that Guild Wars 2 hasn’t even reached beta yet.

      Since the contest is over, I can announce where I ordered the Plush Gwen… …although, it appears that new commissions are not being accepted right now. If another fansite is interested in repeating this contest on their website, you might want to clear it with ArenaNet first. If they’re cool with the idea, an Internet search for “Plush Commissions” might lead to artists that can craft another Plush Gwen.

  3. Yeah I figured as much, but I didn’t know since the site got revamped and stuff. Its good to know.

  4. Hi Judedeath! Technically, I think you might be in first place right now. So, the real question is, “How could someone beat you?” Maybe someone would post a comment that’s really funny or maybe someone would write a romantic haiku. I don’t know the limit. It is a creative challenge. Here’s an example… imagine existed back in the 1980’s and Blaster Master was just released to the Nintendo Entertainment system — and then I posted a review of the game. Players post replies and complain that the bosses are too hard in the game. You see this and then post up the pause/grenade trick. No one has seen this trick before, so it’s a helpful post. It also creates a feeling of happiness in the community as people post up to thank you. Can you imagine that? If so, that’s one example of what type of comment could win the contest.

  5. I wonder is the Mini Gwen Doll in game is going to look just like this one, since the update was today I havent seen a pic of it yet.

  6. Since im a poet this only took a second hope its nice.. 🙂

    Through her misfortune
    Finding her way
    Lacking of words to say
    Shes never alone
    Guiding her the way home
    Her prince shines brightly.

  7. Is it just me or did that Gwen doll eat one too many of Mary Malone’s apples? Well at least it didn’t go to her hips. Good luck to the poor soul who gets her, I’ll pray she doesn’t eat you out of house and home.

  8. I have also written a Guild Wars themed haiku, which, I believe, is very close in spirit to what the founders of intended. The speaker is a warrior who has entered Random Arena for the first time. Behold!!

    Obsidian armor
    Healing Hands on my skill bar
    Am I a pro yet?

  9. not a poet nor a man with fancy words but i am a fan of this little girl and what she stands for so a brief history the best i can tell
    three and a half years ago I walked out side on my first quest to find a buddy and i found a sweet lil girl with tears down her face ask me to help her find a flute
    ever since then i always took her on my adventures when time came to say goodbye and leave it sadden me to know that she died but then a great joy came into my life a mini version of her to remind of the sweetness and kindness of the land and the reason i became a mesmer to help the innocent.
    and a year later a new expansion came out that when i heard the rumors my heart lept for joy could it be is it true yes my fair haired lil friend is alive and all grown up to play her story is to know her pain and anger but to know the sweet lil girl that shared so many a great day journeying the lands brings me to a tear
    i showed the cold spirited young woman a token she had given me from the past
    a broken flute a small girls cape yes even the red iris flowers she loved and collected so much and she finaly warmed up to me when i showed her the tapestry shred she let me see more of her pain but in the end we became friends thou she not the fun lil girl i remember running around she stares at the mini i carry around of her and she smiles that lil smile and i know one day she will have her land back and will be able to live a life of peace till then i must return we have many a quest to do before that can happen. later all the mesmer and his friends gwen and pyre wish all the best in thier journeys and happy hunting

  10. Hi everyone and good luck in the competition, I can’t wait for GW2 =) anyway i created a little poem about the girl herself.
    A brave lassie did come a seeking me , to help her retrieve her flute,
    But alas the monsters had frightened her and she tripped and her poor flute it broke.
    Seeing the tears well in her eyes and the thought of no sweet music, I quickly purchased from the merchant nearby a sparkling brand new flute.
    While I was there, I caught sight of a beautiful crimson cloak, so with money to spare, I purchased the pair and wrapped them well with some rope.
    With a few beautiful flowers and a few spare hours I went along to the place where she played and without further a do, and friendships anew I gave her the little gift.

    Like on a christmas day morn, she opened the gift, and looked at me so happy,
    She first put on the cape, then began to skip whilst playing a haunting sweet tune.
    Now several years on with such heartache and sorrow, we walk through the sacked and dry lands, but we both know someday soon, the green hills and flowers will once more return her to home.

  11. Perhaps you should make a page with the top commentators, and perhaps their scores? That way people will know where they stand.

  12. Okay I’ll try my luck at a haiku:

    Gwen, that an apple?
    Gwen: Yes, and I’m eating it.
    Gwen lookout spider!


  13. Apparently this has inspired the poetry in many of us. This is dedicated to all who love Prophecies and Eye of the North…

    To Gwen

    Way back when our world was still small
    you found me wandering by the city wall
    Though I suspected your devotion free
    I picked flowers so that you’d follow me
    And wrapped a cape ’round a flute that shone
    for it was good not to face the world alone.

    Even my practiced face couldn’t hide the cost
    impressed upon it by your loss
    We thought you fell to the fur and flame
    and even in death your mother called your name
    I vowed to spare others from knowing such hurt
    and set out in defense of all of the earth.

    In mystical Cantha and exotic Istan
    I vanquished all I met, then returned again
    But not the spirits of Elona nor Underworld lair
    prepared me for the ghost that met me there
    But for all the ice in that shivery place
    I saw there was fire still searing your face.

    Together we extinguished the flames of the Charr
    but I cannot help you to mend all of your scars
    Poor girl, although proven a hero at last
    you can’t see the future while facing the past
    Please, sweep it all back like the barrette in your hair
    there are new flowers in the garden, and I will follow you there.

  14. A sunny day it was, a fateful day.
    A day where the earth stood still and caught its breath.
    The flowers opened to the sunlight, same as always,
    And I could see you there, skipping through the meadows.
    How I wanted to follow you and relieve my youth!
    But I was devoted to Lyssa, and there was training to be done.

    It seemed like ages when I was in the catacombs,
    But it wasn’t so long until I was felling the battering of fire against the walls.
    Fire, burning, consuming, wild and out of control.
    The sounds of screaming and the echoing chants of the Charr will fill my memories
    These sounds are the tones that echoed in your head when you close your eyes.
    If only I could replace that with the sound of your mother’s singing to Dwayna.

    In my panic, I could only think of myself at first, and then I had a mission.
    My fond memories of you were blown away like ash from the wall.
    No one had expected this. We were caught off guard.
    When Ascalon was in ruins, we fled and nursed our wounds,
    mourning the fallen that we were so sure you were part of.
    But with no time to turn back, we made our way through the ashes.

    All those years my heart ached for you.
    Even traveling through the frozen Shiverpeaks, the burns from the Charr ached.
    The wind never cut my heart like your fearful gaze did.
    How I longed for those days! But I had a duty.
    With your memory, I fought on.
    Your smile cut its way through the cold.

    Through Dwarves, Undead, the Lich Lord, we faced it all.
    Heroes who had saved the land.
    If only I had been stronger, I could have saved you!
    Those thoughts wore me down as we traveled ‘cross the sea
    To a land of Emperors and Celestial rulers,
    And to an exotic land of terrible evil.

    With your warm smile guiding me, I was able to slip into the Realm of Torment.
    We defeated the evil god and sent souls to rest. Yours was not there.
    How I hoped I would see you again!
    Then in an innocent exploration of a fissure, I found my way to the Eye.
    You stood there, the marks of anger and fear etched into your face.
    How I wished to smooth them away; erase your tears

    Now, as we go against a fearsome foe of Fire, I will hold you.
    Your memories of consuming flame will not hinder you.
    We can never forget the past, but we must make it part of our future.
    Like your memory guided me, so ours will send us to the Destroyer’s layer.
    Rise or fall, our memories carry us through
    To whatever end.
    To whatever end.

    Hope it’s not too long! (I already shortened it) Free verse!
    ~Anna 😀

  15. Nice poetry, guys, it’s really some good stuff here. I always liked running around in pre with Gwen skipping along behind or beside me. It really adds to the feel of the game, I think. Pre just isn’t the same if you skip her. So I never have.

    I don’t write poetry much, but I do have a short story I’ve been working on that actually does center on the relationship between Gwen and Prophecies Hero, both in the past in pre-Ascalon and in the present in EOTN. The story’s almost done, only one chapter left, so feel free to check it out. I hope you guys like it. ^_^

    It’s called “Gwen & Now” and is found here:

    I figured it’d be easier just to link to it rather than post it in here since it IS several chapters, after all.

  16. (A letter sent from the Shadowbow Clan to Will Shadowbow in Shing Jea Monestary)

    Dearest Will, by the time you read this message, the Charr will be through Ascalon’s great wall, Your sister Anna has scouted some sort of dark ritual in the Charr home lands, I fear this type of fire is more powerful then that of any human elementalist. Do not return to Ascalon my son! Find your brother Alezander Shadowbow, who sells his tallents amoung the Kurzick and the Luxon, by now
    he’s probably your…

    *The rest has been burned away*

    (Wills returning letter to New Ascalon)

    I’m not sure who will pick this letter up, but to whoever my find this, a great pleague has struck the Dragon Empire, I return to Ascalon in search of survivors….and to find the one I loved and lost…I have begun training as a Ritualist in hopes that I could find her spirit in the underworld but so far I have only found her mothers…Should anyone find Gwen please tell her that I’ve loved her since we were both young and Xaz was a small grey cub. My clan was destroyed in the Searing and I was in Shing Jea Monestary training as is our clan’s tradition, so I probably will not be remembered…but I am coming home…I will find her…Any Charr that gets in my way will be bound to the underworld by a thousand burning arrows, and the ancient spirits of my clan.

    -Will Shadowbow *There’s an ink covered wolf pawprint on the side of the signature*

    (I made this kinda fan-ficish hope you guys don’t mind 😀 )

  17. Just thought I’d post a snippet of my story, to give you guys an idea of what to expect. Here you go!


    The flute was much like he remembered it, though a little worn here and there from the passage of time. A simple instrument of polished wood, it was a gift from an old friend. Nathel had originally given it to her first, in what seemed like another lifetime now. So many years ago, so many long miles traveled. And yet still, the memory of that day lay like crystal in his mind, so clear and flawless. Much like that azure sky had been.


    Nathel Averias walked out the gates of Ascalon City on a morning finer than any he could remember. Soon he would be in the Vanguard, and his fight against the Charr would begin in earnest. But first, he had to hone his skills. Sir Tydus had told him to meet a fellow ranger, Artemis, out here by the road. And there she was, waiting for him in the fields opposite the shrine. Nathel went over to meet her, noting the sounds of bees humming amongst the flowers and a little girl’s singsong voice echoing from somewhere nearby. It was a sweet voice, not unlike that of his sister. That same carefree cheerfulness and simple joy that only a child could know. Nathel had known it once, too, before the Charr came. Before their fire and steel had taken it away.

    Artemis, meanwhile, had a task for him. A test of his abilities, as she saw it. Fair enough, he supposed. Nathel would impress her and make his first mark on the world, take his first steps toward his goal. Clear the road ahead of skale that had come up from the river and kill their queen. Not the most heroic of tasks, but it would do for now. It didn’t take long, and Artemis was impressed enough to give him a flask of troll unguent and teach him a trick or two with the bow.

    After bidding her farewell and getting further instructions from one of Sir Tydus’ men, a great bear of a man named Haversdan, Nathel heard that little girl’s voice again, this time suffused with helpless giggles. Nathel glanced over and saw her for just a moment—a petite figure with short, dark hair adorned with a circlet of yellow flowers above a pair of wide, inquisitive eyes—before she disappeared behind the shrine. He crossed the road, wanting to meet her without knowing quite why.

    When he found her, she was skipping around the little hill and humming to herself, her pale blue and red dress swishing around her legs. She wore white pants but no shoes, instead prancing through the grass in her bare feet. Much as Alanna had once done, Nathel thought. His little sister. The girl saw him, then, her already wide eyes widening even further.

    “Hi! Are you… are you an adventurer?” she asked. “You sure look like one.”

    “Yeah. Something like that.”

    The girl jumped in delight. “Oh, good! You see, I left my flute down by the river. I was going to go get it, but there are lots of monsters down there now. Can you.. can you maybe go get it for me? Please? And make the monsters go away?”

    Nathel knelt so that he was at eye level with her. “Sure, I can do that. What’s your name?”

    “Gwen! What’s yours?”


    The rest of the story can be found here –

    I hope you all enjoy it! ^_^

  18. i just made this up now so it probably isn’t any good but i wanted to enter anyway

    Little Gwendolen

    Little Gwen was a sweet little girl a pain in my shield but still so very sweet.I remember the first time we met her eyes bright and big and she said to me “I want to be an adventurer too, can I come with you?From then on we were partners like batman and robin side by side fighting monsters.But then the time came when i had to leave when i told her she was sad her eyes no longer bright and big but sad filled with tears.I don’t know what happened to Gwen after i said goodbye but from what i hear she lives in the north.

  19. (A letter from the Shadowbow Clan to Will Shadowbow in Shing Jea Monastery)

    Dearest Will,

    By the time you get this letter, Ascalon will be no more. Your sister Aya scouted into the Charr lands and discovered an alter where the Shamans were preparing a dark ritual, with magic more powerful then even Teinai herself could conjure. Do not return to Ascalon my son; find your brother Xander who sells his talents to the Kurzick and Luxon, for he may soon be your…………
    (The rest of the letter has been burned off)

    (A returning letter sent a month later)

    To whoever may find this,

    A terrible plague has struck the Dragon Empire, I am returning to Ascalon to see that it does not find its way into any parts of Kryta. Although she was probably killed in the Searing, should anyone find Gwen please give this message to her: I’ve loved you since we were both little kids, and I’m coming home to find you. I’ve all but abandoned Ranger training to become a Ritualist, so that I could find her in the Underworld but so far I’ve only found her mother. I’m coming home for her; any Charr that get in my way will be pinned to the Underworld forever with a hundred burning arrows and by the ancient spirits of the Shadowbows.

    -Will Shadowbow
    (Hope you don’t mind that i made it fanficish)

  20. I love the Gwen Doll. So I’m gonna try. lol. I’m not gonna win I know.
    She is around us
    In-game as a Miniature
    She’ll be in my heart.
    Best I could do in less than 5 Minutes.

  21. Aww the Plush Gwen looks so cute. If I was to win I’d sit her by my pc while I played Guild Wars 🙂

  22. Gwen had always reminded me of my ex-girlfriend.
    She had short brown hair, lovely brown eyes and an adorable personality…
    *sigh* I’ll miss her terribly. So in memory of her. I’ll give this a shot.
    A poem i had written for her goes as follows…

    Sweet Sakura tree,
    you mean so much to me.
    You’re where I’ll always find,
    the joy my mind defines,
    the love I’ve left behind.

    Remember the bliss
    of December’s first kiss?
    Our hearts were entwined,
    in each other’s love bind.
    I gazed into your eyes,
    wondering if you’d ever realize:

    I love you.

    Now my heart is blue,
    and you don’t have a clue,
    that I’m still missing you.
    As love is killing me,
    I’m also killing this tree,
    with the names of you and me.

    My love is my affliction;
    it’s a painful addiction.
    But still i hope one day,
    you’d be able to say:

    “I love you too”


    I know it ain’t the best, but to me it means a lot.
    It’s always hard to say goodbye. So instead I’ll say thank you. Thanks for your time dear stranger, have a lovely day.

  23. Gwen….. There is something special about a nine year old girl that happily follows you around Pre-searing Ascalon skipping, spinning around till she gets dizzy and falls down, playing her flute, rambling on about the simple things that she finds important, collecting flowers…..

    …and watching you kill stuff.

    Yes, Gwen is one of a kind.

  24. Hey hey,

    Well been reading through the whole blog and I still haven’t got a clue what to write about but totally loving the plush and I would like to win it, it’s pretty sweet and cuddly and I think my partner will love it especially since in-game he gave me his little mini gwen doll, only fair I recipricate(ish..bonus points my way lol).

    Anyhow, like said, not sure what to write as been reading through the poems on here and they seem pretty nice.

    So I thought instead I will tell you why Guild Wars mean so much to me….

    It started long ago, cold winter night of January 2009 when after not being able to communicate properly with my partner of that time in RL because he was glued to GW I decided to buy the whole collection so we can play together…plus he actually responded quicker in-game than in RL 😛

    He introducted me to a wicked guild, which I joined (and am still with)…time passed and all of us guildie grew to become good friends and everybody knew everybody…Kinda like Cheers but without the alcohol.

    Well anyway, we split up and one of my mates in the guild and I started chatting as GW becomes more than just a game, it becomes a place where you can escape RL and enjoy the banter of people you may never meet. It becomes a place where you share your feelings and the true you because it’s all personality….Anyway, back on the right tangent 😛 We were sharing our issues…cut a long story short….we live together and have been dating for 1.5yrs…all thanks to an annoying ex who was obssessed with the game LOL.

    GW will always have a place in my heart and having a plush Gwen take pride of place next to our pcs will be the cherry on a very nice iced-cake(with cream filling of course) 😀

  25. I was shocked. At first I shouted “By Dwayne! It’s… Gwen?! Am I dreaming? A real-life Gwen doll?”. After a few seconds I noticed some people looking strange at me… but, I didn’t even care. Not after what I just found.

    Afraid of being to late I quickly searched for the date of the end of the contest. Lo and behold! I was not to late. December 21st… wait, what was this? December 21st is my real-life birthday! I was hoping for a miniature, but this… I helped Nicholas out a lot lately, did he arrange this as a gift? No, this had to be a sign of the gods of Tyria! The sign that Gwen’s spirit and mine actually ARE connected!

    Oh Gwen, at the first moment I met her in Ascalon, I knew she would become a hero one day. And I was right. A few years later I met her again. I remember like it was yesterday. Eye of the North, there she was. Older, wiser, and somehow I felt she had seen too much, more than anyone could bear. She wanted me to do some quests for her. I would fight a million Charr for her if I had to. And so I did – for the sake of everyone in Tyria and beyond, of course.

    No matter how far I traveled, she was always with me. We where connected, I knew it, I felt it. And still, her heart was frozen. I had to give her something. And I knew exactly what to give her… she was a warrior, but she’s a woman too. So I promised myself to get Gwen the most beautiful armor in whole Tyria, Elona and Cantha together.

    I fought, killed and slayed everything and everyone between me and the chest. The chest wich contained an armor remnant of Deldrimor. This armor truly had to melt her heart. And it did. But not in my favor…

    I knew Thackery. He was a brave soldier, and a good friend. He asked me to help him arranging a picnic, you know, to cheer op Gwen a little bit. I didn’t think too much about it, not even when I heard him talking with Gwen in the Hall of Monuments – MY Hall of Monuments.

    Then the war came. Just like Thackery, I was send to the front lines. I often noticed he was distracted, often mumbling something about “someone else”. A soldier should never day-dreaming during duty, and I was not very surprised when I heard he was missing. I searched for him, but he managed to get back on his own. Back to Gwen. And she was happy. Happy? She wanted to marry him. WHAT!? After all I did, even after repaired her old, broken flute, she wanted to marry Thackery? I couldn’t believe it… but she seemed happy. Truly happy, in a way I never saw before. Although my heart was broken, I knew I had to let her go, it was better for her this way. I just hope I can make it to their wedding.

    I will continue conquering dungeons, slaying gigantic beasts and even saving the world. Now if I only had something to remember those good old times with Gwen. Something soft and cuddly, to hold in my arms when I watch the starry sky at night… sigh…

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