Registration Approved – Photics & The Android Market

REGISTRATION APPROVED — In the current economic climate, it might be hard to be approved for a car loan or a home loan. Fortunately, it wasn’t that hard to be approved for the Android Market! Here’s the message… “Your Registration to the Android Market is approved! You can now upload and publish software to the Android Market.”

At first I was reluctant to register, but then I heard back from Google. I received an email that eased my previous concerns with registration. I decided to take the plunge… and now I’m an official Android Developer.

Now I just have to figure out the development kit. :P

Today I continued with the installation process of being able to create Android software. It’s not a simple process, like installing Guild Wars, so I was getting worried. I wondered why it was so complex, but then I realized I shouldn’t complain. It’s like developer hazing. If I’m not smart enough to figure out the install process, then maybe I shouldn’t be developing software. Fortunately, things are moving along nicely.

I’m moving closer to publishing my first application on the Android Market.