KEEN – App #5 Launched

KEEN – Animated GIF (App Icon)There’s a memory in my mind of an old video game. This was decades ago, so I don’t remember all the details. Yet, a line of digitized speech is fairly distinct. It went something like this… “Stand By For Course Correction!” I’m thinking it was a Commodore 64 game. Maybe it’s Apollo 18. The game was fairly tedious, as it attempts to recreate the piloting of a moon mission. The game isn’t as important as the idea of adjusting course. If you’re going the wrong way, a slight adjustment could fix the problem.

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Mountain Lion – There’s a reason it’s $20

Mac Desktop - July 26My experience with OS X 10.8 is off to a bad start. Apple officially launched Mountain Lion on July 25, 2012. But unfortunately, I didn’t get to use it until today. The installation was hindered by slow download speeds and an unusual hard drive glitch. After those frustrating issues, problems persisted. At first, I was looking forward to this upgrade. But soon after the installation, I was contemplating a switch back to Windows. What’s wrong with Mountain Lion?

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Upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion – The Cheap Way!

Mac Software Update Icon - ThumbnailApple’s 2012 World Wide Development Conference kicked off today. And overall, the news was impressive. If you have $2199 to spend on a laptop, the 2880 x 1800 retina display of the new MacBook Pro might interest you. Meanwhile, iOS is getting upgraded with anti-Google technology — like maps and improved Siri responses. Yet, I was most excited by a fairly minor announcement. OS X Mountain Lion is releasing next month… for $19.99.

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Does Apple Earn Their 30%

iTunes App Store and Mac App Store iconsSitting in my email inbox is a message from Apple. It states, “Don’t let your iOS Developer Program expire.” In other words, Apple wants another $99 from me. Why should I give it to them, when they already take a 30% cut from my sales? I’m quite tech savvy. I could build my own store for selling games and digital content. Do I really need Apple? Do I really want to endure another year of frustration with Apple’s walled garden? I decided to take a closer look at the advantages of working with Apple.

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A Strange Transaction – The Best Buy to iTunes Gift Card

Gift cards are peculiar gifts. Instead of simply giving money, people buy these decorative symbols of store credit. It does seem like a nicer present than cash, as some thought is involved. The gift-giver may not know exactly what to buy, and it is certainly undesirable to purchase the wrong gift, so it’s at least narrowed down to the right store. But what if they guessed wrong? What if you wanted to go shopping in another store? I got a Best Buy card and I was able to convert it.

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