Wii News Channel Review

A blue light quietly pulsed from my Nintendo. The slot illumination function was operating as intended, as my Wii had something important to tell me. It was time for a system update. I wasn’t too surprised. I had heard the rumbling from the Internet. Word quickly spread that Nintendo released the News Channel a day early. A previous Nintendo press release mentioned that the News Channel would launch on January 27, 2007. More than two months after the launch of the Wii, today was the day to check out the News Channel. Here is the complete message from Nintendo, with line breaks included…

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Wii Sports Boxing – How High Can The Skill Level Go?

If you own a Wii, odds are you’ve played Wii Sports. My favorite game is Wii Boxing. I love the dual wielding action. The wiimote feels very responsive. Wii Sports Boxing is one of my favorite fighting games – of all time. While experiencing this nirvana of video gaming, I found myself getting back to my gaming roots. Just how high of a score can I get? What happens when my rank hits the top of the chart?

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Photics Reviews The Wii

I went to great trouble to score a Wii. Nintendo’s new console is quite coveted for this holiday season. After many MANY hours of play, and after careful reflection upon my experiences with this new system, I have compiled my thoughts on the Wii. No aspect of the Wii was neglected. From installing the Wii, to playing virtual console games, the details are meticulously covered. If you’ve been wondering if a Wii is the right console for you, this special edition of Photics might help you decide.

The Most Overhyped Game of All Time – Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

The only reason why Nintendo hasn’t been totally eradicated by Sony & Sega is because of their seemingly invincible mascots – Mario, Metroid & Zelda (Link). Considering what a cerebral-shock Mario 64 was, the entire world was looking forward to Zelda’s release on to the Nintendo 64.

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Less Is More – Nintendo Game Boy Color Review

The Gameboy must have game companies scratching their heads. How could the portable with one of the worst system specs dominate the video game industry? Ten years ago, I called Nintendo in disappointment. The Sega Genesis was released, but there was no counter console from Nintendo. Where was Nintendo’s killer system? The response Nintendo gave was that only the Gameboy would be released that year.

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