Where Does Your Wii Mii Go When You Die? The Halo Mode Proposal!

sleepy-wii-fit-thumbnailIf you’ve been following the latest scientific advancements, people might live forever. From cloning body parts, to downloading your brain into a computer, there are all sorts of theories that suggest an indefinite lifespan. But what about today? What about on your Wii? If you were to leave this world suddenly, what would happen to your virtual persona? What would happen to your Mii when you die?

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June 15, 2009 Nintendo Downloads – WiiWare, Virtual Console and DSiWare Updates

Space HarrierNintendo likes to update their downloadable library every Monday at 12 PM Eastern. It’s been a while since I posted up about the latest releases from Nintendo. I admit it, I was bored. The releases were slim during the first quarter of this year. Today, I checked again to see if anything was different. I was surprised.

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Photics Team – Folding@Home June / July / August 2009 Contest

The Photics Team is a powerful force, fighting for the betterment of humanity. By using the collective power of our personal computers, we’re helping scientists better understand protein folding and the related diseases. Virtue is not the only reward for these heroes. Photics.com is throwing another contest. Every point you contribute to the team (from the date of this post until August 30, 2009) may count as a chance to win a Nintendo Points Card code (2000 points) or a 30 Day City of Heroes game card code.

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Pokemon Event at Nintendo World Warms NYC

NYC is a city filled with life, but times are a bit unusual for the big apple. On a cold Saturday afternoon, I expected warmer weather. I also expected more people. The stores seemed empty. The sidewalks seemed less crowded. A vacant store, a former Circuit City location, looked so depressing. People didn’t seem to be shopping so much. Yet, there was a place in Manhattan that was clearly breaking the disturbing trend… NINTENDO WORLD.

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Mega Man 9 Revisited

What makes a great man? Is it an arm cannon? Is it an energy tank? No, I think one of mankind’s greatest abilities is to learn… not only from one’s mistakes, but to grow as an individual. After having a lively discussion with some hardcore Wii fans at the IGN Boards, I began to wonder if I was too harsh with my original review of Mega Man 9.

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