My Aquarium – My Wii Fish Tank

There’s something relaxing and entertaining about a fish tank. Yet, it’s also cruel. My fish tank was more like a death tank. Like many little kids, I attempted to care for my colorful little creatures. I liked my guppies, with their attractive tails. I would carefully pick out my favorite fish, bring them home from the local pet store, put my fish in the tank and flush them down the toilet in about two weeks.

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Wii Fit Balance Board – Weight Limit

I rather enjoy Wii Fit. I think it serves as a helpful reminder to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s almost like a personal trainer in a box. Wii Fit gets sad if I put on weight and it gets happy if I lose weight. It tries to focus me in reaching my weight goals. That’s pretty easy, since I have no goals. But for those with lofty weight loss goals, perhaps Wii Fit is not for you. Just reading the box is an obvious warning. It’s not intended for people over 330 pounds, as this comic illustrates…

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3/24/2008 Wii Virtual Console Updates – King's Knight and Powerball

It’s that time of the week again. Every Monday, at 12 PM Eastern / 9 PM Pacific, Nintendo adds to the Wii Virtual Console library. Checking out the latest games on the Wii is a fun part to my Monday routine. This weeks games are King’s Knight (500 Wii Points) from the NES and Powerball (800 Wii Points) from the Sega Genesis.

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2/18/2008 Wii Virtual Console Updates – Ninja Gaiden III and Phantasy Star II

Wow… one of my most favorite RPGs of all time has hit the Wii Virtual Console. Phantasy Star II (800 Wii Points) is now available. I own it for the Sega Genesis, the PC and Gameboy. Will I be purchasing it for the Wii as well? I don’t know, there’s something extra cozy about playing games on the Wii. Also this week, the classic NES game Ninja Gaiden III (500 Wii Points) hits the virtual console too.

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