Free Template Tuesday #5 – Tumult Hype “Pythagorean”

Pythagorean Theorem Thumbnail ImageCalculating the Pythagorean Theorem is classic assignment of a high school Geometry class. The fifth installment of a free Hype template makes short work of that task. A2+B2=C2 is easy to remember, but it can tedious to figure out – square the two known numbers, add those numbers, and then find the square root. Even with a calculator, keeping track of all the variables can be tricky. But with this template, it’s simply a matter of moving two sliders.

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Free Template Tuesday #4 – Tumult Hype “Heart”

Heart Template ThumbnailThis Sunday is Saint Valentine’s Day. That usually means lots of romance, lots of flowers, lots of chocolates and lots of hearts. If you’re in the middle of creating interactive content for Valentine’s Day, you might be wondering how to make a heart. Currently, Hype doesn’t have drawing tools or concave shapes. But by using basic elements, a Heart can be created in Hype. By stacking basic shapes, elements can be overlapped to create a heart.

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Free Template Tuesday #3 – Tumult Hype “Groundhog”

Groundhog — Hype Template (Thumbnail Image)Today’s “Groundhog Day”. It’s a strange tradition, where a rodent basically becomes a weatherman. If a groundhog comes out of its hole, and it’s cloudy, then it will be an early spring. If it’s sunny, and the groundhog sees it shadow, then it will get scared and go back inside. That’s supposed to mean six more weeks of winter. While I think its cute that people make such a fuss over fuzzy critters like Staten Island Chuck or Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog is not much different at predicting the weather than tossing a coin. That’s this week’s Free Hype Template.

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Free Template Tuesday #2 – Tumult Hype “Looking”

Looking Template ThumbnailThe mobile phone defines the modern era. People can send messages to each other – almost instantaneously – to locations far away. With this amazing technology, what to people send? Quite often, people send emoji – a bright, yellow, and usually smiling, face. A lot of people despise emoji. Not me. I think they’re cute. It’s a way to express emotion, which is an important part of communication. Letters alone don’t always properly portray emotion. It’s the same with your Hype projects. Does the interactivity and animation match the feeling that you’re trying to create?

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Free Template Tuesday #1 – Tumult Hype “Coconut”

Hype Template #1 — CoconutNow that “A Book About Hype” is complete, I’ve been wondering what should be my next big project. I’m not quite sure yet. So while I’m figuring it out, I thought that I’d create some free Tumult Hype templates to help promote the book. The idea is that I’ll release a new one every Tuesday. With Hype, it’s fairly easy to create new templates, so I might be able to maintain this routine for at least a little while.

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