Trump Is Wrong About Apple

iPhone - Enter PasscodeIt disappoints me to see how so many politicians can be so wrong on technology. I was enjoying Trump’s presidential campaign until recently. He’s been fighting with so many people that it’s getting hard to keep track. Sure, it’s natural that he fights with someone like Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush. That’s normal for a political campaign. Go ahead, sue Ted Cruz because he’s born in Canada. Someone should test what “natural born citizen” means. Sure, you can disagree with Bush on the Iraq war. That’s American. But Apple?! Why are you fighting with them Donald Trump?

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Discussing Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign and Website

Thumbnail - Donald Trump - Make America Great AgainI usually avoid discussing politics on this website, but Donald Trump is pretty hard to ignore. He’s everywhere and he’s still leading in the polls. It’s not just the “Summer of Trump”. There’s the strong possibility that Trump could be the next president of the United States. If so, would that be a good or bad thing? I’ve been following Trump’s campaign. Despite┬ásome train wreck moments, I like what I’m seeing overall.

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