Free Template Tuesday #23 – Tumult Hype “Physics”

Physics “Density” ThumbnailThe Physics API is the dark horse feature of Hype 4. It’s actually quite ridiculous how powerful it is, but how little I’ve seen people take advantage of it. In the 90s and early 2000s, goofy Flash games were incredibly popular. But now that Flash is dead, what of the games? That’s the purpose of the printed edition of A Book About Hype. Perhaps all that is missing is the knowledge. This week’s “Physics” template is a step toward restoring what was lost when Flash died.

But even if games aren’t your thing, Hype is still quite useful. This week’s template reminds me of a high school Physics teacher. Perhaps that educator is losing the battle of keeping young minds engaged. Some visualization could help. Choose your “Physics” experiment…

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While Hype doesn’t create a pixel-perfect reaction of physics in the real world, many of the effects are pretty close. With Hype, you could demonstrate the effects of density — without having to smash up your classroom. The basic Physics settings in Hype can then be applied to create all sorts of wonderful animations or even games.

Download the Physics Template to see how it works.