Free Template Tuesday #22 – Tumult Hype “Menu”

Menu ThumbnailIs Hype Pro worth the money? It essentially doubles the cost of the app. A Book About Hype has an entire section dedicated to the professional features of Hype. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade. This week’s free template focuses on “Symbols” in Hype. Not just regular symbols, this is about “Persistent Symbols” in Hype. It’s a handy way to create a sticky menu that exists on more than one scene.

The following is an example of four separate scenes in a Hype project. The software makes it easy to change scenes, but what if you want to add navigation? That’s where a persistent symbol can help. The main menu is at the bottom of the scene. But since it’s persistent, it’s not affected by the scene transitions. Pressing a menu item reveals the effect.

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There is a downside to this approach. It’s not ideal for Accessibility or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The layout is visually demanding, making it difficult for screen readers and robots to navigate. Creating a whole website this way could be problematic. But if you’re mindful of the Accessibility and SEO issues, this method could work for the creation of Hero Banners / Hero Images. That’s usually where the flashy content goes on a webpage.

This design is more about eye-candy, which can also work for video games. Each scene could represent a new level. A persistent symbol could be used to create a Head-Up Display (HUD), showing lives and score. Even a game setting button, constantly appearing in the corner of the screen, could count as a menu.

Download the Menu Template to see how it works.