Free Template Tuesday #26 – Tumult Hype “Gesture”

Gesture ThumbnailWhen the iPhone first launched, it revolutionized the way people interact with computers. With finger swipes, the screen could be controlled in radically new ways. There were touch screens before iOS, but it took the iPhone to make gestures mainstream. That’s what this week’s template is about. It shows how use Hype’s gesture functions.

The “Drag Events” can make your project more dynamic. It just takes a little bit of JavaScript. The following template shows how. Just drag the blue circle more than 250 pixels to the left. (In other words, swipe right.) That will load the “Right” scene. Reverse the action to return to the “Left” scene.

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The data bar shows the information related to the “Drag Events”. For more information, see the “Drag Events” chapter in A Book About Hype.

You can also download the Gesture Template to see how it works.