Free Template Tuesday #28 – Tumult Hype “Sliding”

Slide Puzzle ThumbnailBack in the glory days of the arcades, when Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 were new, successfully landing a special move would yield a common question — How’d you do that? It was a level of excitement that is hard to replicate on the Internet. Perhaps you’re an inquisitive type. Did you play the “Slide Puzzle” game in the Widgets app and wondered, “How’d you build that?” This week’s free template shows how to do that with Tumult Hype.

It’s quite surprising. Figuring out web development challenges can be just as adrenaline pumping as the fighting games of yesteryear. Oh sure, the feeling might not be as frequent, but it can be way more intense. I’ve been known to scare bystanders when I let out a mighty cheer. Such an outburst tends to happens after spending hours on a problem and then finally figuring it out.

That’s where the “Sliding” puzzle can help. It’s not a super challenging game, nor is it a super challenging web development project, but it can start you on a journey that is quite challenging and possibly rewarding — either as a career or just as a means of entertainment.

For more information about the “Sliding” template, see the “Sliding” chapter in A Book About Hype. You can also download the Sliding Template to see how it works.