Free Template Tuesday #33 – Tumult Hype “Jigsaw”

Hype Jigsaw ThumbnailMany years ago, back in the Guild Wars days, there used to be a cute jigsaw puzzle game on this website. Sadly, it was based in Flash — and Flash is dead. As time passed, I had forgotten about the game… both Guild Wars and the jigsaw puzzle. But with Hype 4’s new vector features, the jigsaw has returned. That’s what this weeks free Tumult Hype template is about. Hype is now powerful enough to create HTML5 based jigsaw puzzles.

Wow! Guild Wars is 15 years old this month. I’m not sure I’ve played it in 10 years. After leading a team of 1000 people strong, to become the strongest guild in the world, and the developers change the game as a result of your actions, it changed my perspective on video games. How would I top that? I couldn’t. I realized that there’s greater challenge — and real rewards — in creating games.

If you feel the same, this week’s free Hype template could be a great place to start learning about web-based game development.

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An entire section of A Book About Hype is about games. While there are many applications out there for making games, I think the world hasn’t fully realized the potential of Tumult Hype. Not only is it great for creating HTML5 content, it’s pretty good for making web games too.

A generation of web content is about to be lost. And sadly, Hype doesn’t convert existing Flash projects. It has to be done from scratch. It’s hard work, but through that process is how you can master the software.

Download the Jigsaw Template to see how it works. More details are in A Book About Hype.