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Lost In Ascalon #15 – Brownie Points

We’re getting really close to Guild Wars: Factions. Soon, the community will be divided into two groups – Luxons or Kurzicks. Other MMORPGs also have Faction. To increase your standing with a group, you have to do nice things for them. Ever wonder if relationships work the same way? Ever wonder if your friends have their own faction score for you? How can Photics improve his faction standing with Devona? Our hero must be wondering what he can do to ease the situation.

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Photics – Guild Wars Edition – Issue #27

Issue #27 is a preview of Guild Wars: Factions. March is a big month for the second chapter of Guild Wars. With the beta event and other promotional events planned, now is the time to decide. Are you going to buy Chapter 2? Are you going to buy Guild Wars: Factions? If you need more information, if you want to ponder the situation, Issue #27 is for you. In this issue, there are seven reasons why Guild Wars: Faction is going to be cool. With the next installment of Guild Wars: Faction running at $40-$50, is it worth it? Issue #27 explains reasons why it is!

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Lost In Ascalon #14 – Compassion and Compromise

Happy Valentine’s Day from In the last episode of Lost In Ascalon, Devona and Photics ran into a problem. They had conflicting priorities. Devona wanted to free the Ascalonians in Sorrow’s Furnace, while Photics was looking to find Gwen. Many of you have been waiting to see what happens. As a special Valentine’s Day treat, Lost In Ascalon #14 is now available.

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Photics – Guild Wars Edition – Issue #26

Issue #26 marks the First Annual Guild Wars Web Game Design Competition. To kick things off, Gwen’s Quest was released. It was created to show what could be done with Flash. Issue #26 explains the history behind Gwen’s Quest. It also lists the rules and prizes for the competition. First place wins an autographed copy of Photics: Revisions, a copy of Guild Wars: Factions (Chapter 2) and a Trophy. If you think you have the skills to create an original Guild Wars web game, Issue #26 is waiting.

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