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Lost In Ascalon #19 – Charr Conundrum

What is going on here? Why did a group of Charr run away from a fiery sword? The Charr love fire. That’s what they’re all about. They burn things. That’s why they’re called Charr. What could change their almost instinctive love of flame? That’s what our hero intends to find out. In the latest episode of Lost In Ascalon, Tank tests how far this fear of fire flows. You might even find episode #19 a little funny. Lost In Ascalon is not about comedy. It’s about the lore. Yet, if I see the opportunity to do something a silly, why not go for it?!

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Lost In Ascalon #18 – Contemplation of Cowardice

Here’s something that you won’t see in Guild Wars? You won’t see the computer controlled enemies retreat. No matter how outmatched they are, NPC enemies are fearless. Sure, they’ll run out of an immediate blasting zone. Yet, have you ever seen them completely turn tail and run away? In the latest episode of Lost In Ascalon you will. Tank is outnumbered by Charr forces. The battle is not going too well for our hero. With all of his allies dead, Tank stands alone. How will he get out of this one?

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Lost In Ascalon #17 – Unfinished Business

OK, it’s Wednesday. That means it’s time for another exciting edition of Lost In Ascalon. I’m going try the weekly thing, see how that turns out. I can already see some bumps in the road. With Guild Wars: Factions approaching, things are going to get very busy around here. That’s what you should be thinking about too. Now is the time to tie up those loose ends. Now is the time to finish all those incomplete quests. That’s exactly what our heroes are going to do! It’s time for a little trip to Sorrow’s Furnace.

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Lost In Ascalon #16 – Luxons vs. Kurzicks

If things weren’t bad enough, another problem faces our heroes. Cynn and Mhenlo rendezvous with Photics and Devona. Instead of this being an auspicious occasion, Cynn has bad news. What could it be this time… monsters… dragons… earthquakes… plagued… fire… what other perils must these champions endure? In the southern lands of Tyria, the continent of Cantha is war. The Luxons and Kurzicks are engaged in mortal combat. The Ascalonians will be forced to choose a side.

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