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Lost In Ascalon #7 – A Broken Flute

I am not making this stuff up. Well… not all of it. You can actually find Gwen’s Broken Flute in Guild Wars. You can also find the Master Ranger Nente. Is this just a story, or is it the beginning of the biggest quest in video game history? If you can find Master Ranger Nente, you can probably find Gwen’s broken flute. What’s ArenaNet trying to say here? Is Gwen dead? Is she missing? Ellie wants Tank and Photics on the case. Will they attempt to solve this mystery? You’ll have to wait until next time.

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Lost In Ascalon #6 – A New Quest

Most major MMORPGs have the so-called “EPIC” quest. It usually starts from when you’re young, then you work at the quest until you’re level 50 or whatever. Guild Wars has no such quest… or does it? Read about Tank’s offer of adventure to the wizard Photics. Ellie Rigby is an actual character in Guild Wars. Does she hold more significance? Is there more to this NPC than a quest to get skills? thinks so. Although, you’ll have to return next week to find out.

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Lost In Ascalon #5 – Guild Hall Gathering

The original Guild Wars comic strip has been reborn. This time, the toon takes an adventure theme. This new story was inspired by the contents of my vault box. How does a tapestry shred, a Red Iris Flower and broken flute start an epic journey? In time this will make more sense. This is only at the beginning. Be on the lookout for future episodes of Lost In Ascalon.

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