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Photics – Guild Wars Edition – Issue #13

On January 1, 2005 – quite possibly the worst edition of Photics was released. It was a last minute entry, with an experimental design. Using Macromedia Flash, issue #13 was more of a movie than a publication. It was an attempt to break away from Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If anything, this issue did bring forth change. The Photics magazine switched to Macromedia Flash paper after Issue #13.

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Photics – Guild Wars Edition – Issue #12

Issue #12 of Photics (Guild Wars Edition) was released on December 1, 2004. This issue was a little different than usual. Issue #12 something of a Guild Wars Adventure story. If you are familiar with the Lore of Ascalon, the journey should be quite entertaining and familiar. If you are new to the story, it might just enlighten you to the plight of Ascalon. This issue contains lovely screenshots from the November Beta Event.

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