Puzzling – Three iPad Puzzles Games

Puzzling - for iPad - ThumbnailIs your brain hungry for another puzzle? This app has three puzzles wrapped into one. It’s called Puzzling. I was in the mood to make something non-violent, something pretty and something challenging. The controls are easy, only requiring one touch at a time. The graphics are colorful, but add to the challenge. I pieced together this puzzle app for the iTunes store, but can you figure out the 16, 64 and 192 pieces of the puzzle?

Puzzle #1 (16 pieces) — Slide the pieces into the open spaces until the image is reassembled.

Puzzle #2 (64 pieces) — Slide the piece to its appropriate location. However, each piece might be rotated. Double-tap an image to turn it counter-clockwise.

Puzzle #3 (192 pieces) — Touch a tile to make it disappear. However, this will change the state of adjacent tiles. Adjacent tiles that are invisible will reappear, while visible tiles will disappear. How many can you clear out?

Puzzling - Puzzle #3
In puzzle #3, remove the blocks to reveal the full image. But be careful where you touch, or adjacent blocks will return.

The lowest I could get on Puzzle #3 was two pieces left. I’m not sure if it can go any lower. I think that’s what makes the puzzle more challenging. Do you think you can do better? Puzzling is available on the iTunes App Store.