Some Issues With

Here’s the letter I sent to the president, via their website’s contact form.

To Trump and the Web Team,

Congratulations on a successful first year – tax cuts, Obamacare mandate repeal, Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, S&P 500 up 20% and more!

I’m writing to you because I saw a problem about this website mentioned on…


A security issue and an accessibility issue was mentioned.

I wrote about this problem on my website…


Basically, if you use… …you can see the problem with Security Headers. Updating your website’s setting could help protect it from hackers. I do think the switch from Drupal to WordPress is a great way to save money – but I think that means you have to be extra diligent about web security. Harden to avoid scandal.

As for Accessibility, you can use the WAVE Toolbar… …as a free and easy way to check your website. There were minor accessibility issues, but this is a high-profile website. There are better tools available for this, but they’re expensive and complicated.

Great work!
– Michael