Free Template Tuesday #24 – Tumult Hype “Clicky”

Clicky Colors — Red Square, Blue Circle, Yellow Lemon, Green BoxIt’s kinda funny, getting web development advice from your own book. One of the biggest requests for the Widgets app is to have multiple copies of the same widget. It’s a tough request to fulfill because the JavaScript is hard coded. Frequently, a specific element ID is required. Had I written Widgets to be more dynamic, like the “Clicky” template, then the request wouldn’t be so tough.

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Free Template Tuesday #23 – Tumult Hype “Physics”

Physics “Density” ThumbnailThe Physics API is the dark horse feature of Hype 4. It’s actually quite ridiculous how powerful it is, but how little I’ve seen people take advantage of it. In the 90s and early 2000s, goofy Flash games were incredibly popular. But now that Flash is dead, what of the games? That’s the purpose of the printed edition of A Book About Hype. Perhaps all that is missing is the knowledge. This week’s “Physics” template is a step toward restoring what was lost when Flash died.

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Free Template Tuesday #22 – Tumult Hype “Menu”

Menu ThumbnailIs Hype Pro worth the money? It essentially doubles the cost of the app. A Book About Hype has an entire section dedicated to the professional features of Hype. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade. This week’s free template focuses on “Symbols” in Hype. Not just regular symbols, this is about “Persistent Symbols” in Hype. It’s a handy way to create a sticky menu that exists on more than one scene.

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Free Template Tuesday #21 – Tumult Hype “Atoms”

Atom Nucleus Illustration — Thumbnail ImageEver look up into the night sky and try to comprehend the massive size of space? That enormity is not just outward, but inward. Just peruse the “Composition of the human body” article on Wikipedia to behold that fact. Approximately 7 x 1027 atoms are in the human body. That’s a number with a lot of zeros. This week’s free Hype template starts with only three classically illustrated atoms. But with Hype Pro “Symbols”, it easy to make many more.

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Free Template Tuesday #20 – Tumult Hype “Colors”

Colors Thumbnail — Light Burst — Red to the left, Blue up top, Yellow to the right, and Green down lowMany years ago, when Hype first launched, it didn’t quite do anything. Hype was lacking a critical feature — relative timelines. The Internet is interactive, but Hype had trouble reacting dynamically. That changed with the version 1.6 update. That is when the true potential of the software became apparent. Understanding relative timelines is critical in mastering Hype, which is why the “Colors” template is now available.

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