Free Template Tuesday #19 – Tumult Hype “Abacus”

Abacus ThumbnailWhile future development is not guaranteed, the plan for Widgets and Apparatuses is to create a total of 50 widgets. What will the final list look like? For many years, the “Abacus” template was held in reserve. The idea was to make it part of a multitool app. Today, no longer! An abacus isn’t appropriate for Widgets or Apparatuses, but it is great tool for learning about Hype. That’s this week’s free Hype template.

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Free Template Tuesday #18 – Tumult Hype “Wavy”

Animated waves and jumping fishPhotics means “the science of light”, particularly in areas of water just below the surface. The “photic zone” is where photosynthesis can occur. Therefore, if this website had a mascot, a fish would be appropriate. Perhaps one day this site will have a logo again and maybe even a mascot. But one thing is almost a certainty. There’s a fish in the printed edition of A Book About Hype. That’s what this week’s free Hype template is about — using Hype to easily animate a fish.

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Free Template Tuesday #17 – Tumult Hype “Filters”

Tumult Hype — HTML Filters — Thumbnail ImageOne of the main reasons I like Hype is because it’s very close to vanilla web development. At its core, Hype is essentially pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The timeline, with all those properties, are mostly just styles. Some examples are Opacity, Size, and for the purposes of this week’s free template — Filters. Blur, Sepia, Saturation, Hue, Brightness and Contrast are “Filter Effects” in Hype. But in reality, those are just HTML Filters. Hype makes it easy to apply those special effects.

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Free Template Tuesday #16 – Tumult Hype “Origin”

Christmas Tree GridMerry Christmas! It is a day where we celebrate the birth of Jesus — and to celebrate we give each other gifts. There are many religious and non-religious reasons why the day is significant. But for this post, let’s look at the origin. It is the year 2019 AD or Anno Domini. That’s Latin for “in the year of our lord”. Even if you use “CE” (Common Era), instead of “AD”, the calendar’s starting point is the same. Jesus is the origin point.

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Under Construction – A Book About Hype (Print Edition)

Emoji Books ThumbnailNow that the Widgets app is in better shape, the plan is to finally work on a new version of A Book About Hype. While I love working on Widgets, I also love the community at! People have been asking for the book. I feel bad for not publishing an updated edition – especially since Tumult put extra work into improving the Physics API. Today, I decided to make it official. Work on the 2020 edition of A Book About Hype has officially begun.

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