A Strange Transaction – The Best Buy to iTunes Gift Card

Gift cards are peculiar gifts. Instead of simply giving money, people buy these decorative symbols of store credit. It does seem like a nicer present than cash, as some thought is involved. The gift-giver may not know exactly what to buy, and it is certainly undesirable to purchase the wrong gift, so it’s at least narrowed down to the right store. But what if they guessed wrong? What if you wanted to go shopping in another store? I got a Best Buy card and I was able to convert it.

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A Memory Upgrade For My Mac Mini

Upgrading / Installing Mac Mini Memory - Article ThumbnailFor years I worked in tech support. I was “that guy” who fixed problems with Macintosh and Windows computers — web servers too. That’s why I enjoyed the challenge of upgrading and installing memory into my Mac Mini desktop. I’ve seen a lot of different computers, but this was the most difficult RAM installation that I’ve attempted. While most modern computers have made it easier to upgrade the hardware, the Mac Mini is a step backwards. That little box is tricky!

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Installing Windows on My Mac Mini

Back in the 90’s, I was a die-hard Mac fan. That’s only natural when your college is loaded with software and hardware from Apple. Even shortly after college, my graphic design work was mostly done on a Mac. But a decade later, I’m a Windows guy. The hardware is cheaper and the software is plentiful… including video games. Although, I recently bough a Mac Mini. I wanted to see if the grass was greener on the other side. It wasn’t, not for me. Having re-experienced the Mac OS side of things, I found more success with Android development than iPhone OS development. My Mac Mini went unused. The neglect was so bad that I didn’t even have it hooked up to the Internet. My shiny new Mac had turned into a dust collecting box. It needed new life… so I installed Windows on it!

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