Apple’s 2013 World Wide Developers Conference

World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) ThumbnailThe World Wide Developers Conference is where Apple shows off its new toys. It’s also a mecca for developers. The week long conference is a place where tech-head can learn about Apple technology. It’s serious business. Even at $1600 a ticket, the event was sold out in little over a minute. So, it’s no surprise that I didn’t attend. However, I did watch the Keynote speech online and I liked what I saw. I’ve been wondering if Apple can survive in a post-Jobs era. Today, I saw encouraging signs that it can.

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Using Time Machine In OS X

Time Machine IconI’ve been using computers at home since the days of the TRS-80 Color Computer II. And despite all of decades that have passed since then, I haven’t been serious about backing up my data — not until this weekend. Oh sure, there were some files that I may have copied to another spot. But for the most part, I was taking risks. In the blink of an eye, thousands of photos, my books, my game projects, applications and many computer resource could have been lost. I understood the danger, but I didn’t really care. It was such a hassle to manage. But with Apple’s Time Machine, the process is simplified.

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The Mac App Store is Here!

Now that I’ve switched back to a Mac, I get to enjoy exciting news like this – The Mac App Store is now available. By clicking the little Mac logo at the top left of the Mac OS X desktop, and then selecting “Software Update” I started the download for 10.6.6 – which includes the Mac App Store. I’ve been using Macs for almost 18 years. Software has always been a problem. With this new option for Mac Developers, maybe things will change.

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