Widgets Preview – Switching Themes

Color Explosion Thumbnail – Color PaletteAbout two weeks from now is the deadline for Widgets. The app is set for preorder, which makes September 23, 2019 a hard deadline. With so much work to do, why fuss with coloring? Customization is a key feature of Widgets. The idea is to make this app something that you’ll want to use every day. Being able to change the look of the app helps keep it fresh. Customization also makes the app more inviting to more people.

It’s easier to show the importance of customization than to explain it. Here’s another looping video.

Light Mode, Dark Mode, minimalistic, colorful – the Widgets app lets the customer decide their favorite appearance. As an example, macOS now supports Dark Mode. Widgets can automatically change to the “Midnight” theme. But maybe you don’t like the look. That’s OK. You can let the app automatically load the Dark Mode theme, or you can select from one of the other four themes. Here’s the list…

  • Angelic – This is the “Light Mode” theme. It has soft and warm coloring.
  • Cotton Candy – This is the pink theme.
  • Midnight – This is the “Dark Mode” theme.
  • Minimalist – This is the high contrast theme for better readability.
  • Niebieski – It means “blue” in Polish.

With features like “Zoom” and theme switching, the app gains accessibility features. Adding these customizations is not just a novelty. For some people, without these customizations, the app might not be usable. That’s the main reason for the “Minimalist theme”. The simple look is cool, but the high contrast style can also helpful to people with color blindness.

With customization in a good place, the focus returns towards making more widgets. But before work continues, it was nice to take a moment to appreciate this new feature. In app/web development, all too often unexpected problems arise. Fortunately, the styling and customization features were created as envisioned. Nice! 🙂