Compass / Case Conundrum Concludes

Isn’t holiday shopping wonderful? I was in the mall, looking for Christmas gifts, when I found a present for myself — a new case for my G1 phone. The default case… more like a pouch …that was included with the G1 was disappointing to me. It doesn’t include a belt clip. From the first day I received my G1 Phone, I knew I needed a better means of protecting and carrying my phone. Last weekend, I succeed in that goal.

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T-Mobile G1 Compass Not Working – Magnetic Case To Blame?

The first Google Android phone is something of a mixed blessing. The device is more advanced than any other T-Mobile phone that I’ve owned. Yet, little things seem to pester my enjoyment of the G1. Without better headphones and a beltclip case, I’m having trouble getting comfortable with my phone.

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T-Mobile G1 phone Review

What better way to review the G1 phone than to write this review from the device itself? For over three hours each day, I’m in commute. By car, train and even by boat, my trip leaves me without access to a desktop computer. Considering the nature of my business, that’s way too long. Instead of mindlessly gazing into space, this time can be more productive with a good phone.

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Shortcuts for the Google Android T-Mobile G1 Phone

When I first started using my G1 phone, I felt sluggish. I wasn’t able to switch programs as quickly as I could on my Sidekick. But once I figured out the G1 shortcuts, switching programs was a lot faster. To move between applications quickly, press and hold the “Search” button and then press the appropriate a letter to activate a shortcut.

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