Commove is a relaxing yet challenging strategy / puzzle game, specifically developed for the iPad and other iPhone OS devices. There are no annoying timers, or cumbersome controls. Instead, it’s great music, crisp graphics, easy to learn interface, and fun gaming. I worked incredibly hard on this project, with the goal of creating an original and entertaining video game. From the clouds that glide in the distance, to the overall enjoyment of the game, the details were not overlooked. Commove is my best iPad game yet and maybe it will be your favorite game too.

The Story: Sometime in the future, a blackout has struck the downtown area. As the chief engineer of the city’s transportation system, it is up to you to restore power to the train station. By carefully placing power orbs in position — five across of the same color — you can boost the station’s energy level. However, the conveyor belts that move the orbs also require power. Do you have the smart thinking required to keep the lights on?


  • No annoying timers. Play at your own pace.
  • Easy controls, with only one touch at a time required.
  • Professional background music – available in stereo!
  • Carefully crafted artwork and special effects.
  • Family friendly, a game designed for kids and adults.

How to play:
Align five orbs, of the same color, in a row. Press an arrow button to move all objects in that row or column one space in the direction of the arrow. Watch the signal lights to determine what the next colored ball will be. A new ball, if available, will enter the field at the opposite side from the button pressed.

Additional Information:
As the game progresses, Bombs and Star Balls are added for greater challenge. Bombs can be touched to make them explode. If they are not detonated, they will automatically explode after being moved a certain amount of turns. Moving objects off the side will result in a loss of power. The game ends when you run out of power.

Strategy Guide / Hints:

  • Create combos for massive score bonuses.
  • Watch to see what changes with each level.
  • Bombs can help or hurt you. It depends how you use them.
  • To conserve power, try not to push objects off the side, especially not the white orbs.

Play with friends:
Commove can even be a great party game. When one person completes five in a row, that person passes the game to the next person. (If more than two people are playing, pass the game around the room/area in a clockwise motion.) The winner is the last person who successfully completed five in a row.

Commove (for iPad) is scheduled to launch on June 4, 2010.

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