Free Template Tuesday #18 – Tumult Hype “Wavy”

Animated waves and jumping fishPhotics means “the science of light”, particularly in areas of water just below the surface. The “photic zone” is where photosynthesis can occur. Therefore, if this website had a mascot, a fish would be appropriate. Perhaps one day this site will have a logo again and maybe even a mascot. But one thing is almost a certainty. There’s a fish in the printed edition of A Book About Hype. That’s what this week’s free Hype template is about — using Hype to easily animate a fish.

I wasn’t planning to add a fish to the book. It just sorta happened. I was trying to explain how “Rotation follows motion” works, but text just wasn’t doing it. There was a need to be more visual. It’s a visual effect. The next thing I know, I’m using Hype’s new vector tools to draw a fish. I hadn’t done fun stuff like this since the days of Adobe Flash. Hype has truly advanced as animation software with the release of version 4.

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Download the Wavy Template to see how it works.

I was only trying to show that a two-dimensional graphic can follow a wavy line, rotating to match the direction. And yet, this little project has animated water, transparency, and a happy looking fish. With a little more work, it could rival Ecco The Dolphin. I wasn’t considering building a Photics fishy game in the future, but I didn’t realize the fun and ease of animating an underwater world. That’s the hallmark of a good design app. It helps you think of new possibilities.