Free Template Tuesday #19 – Tumult Hype “Abacus”

Abacus ThumbnailWhile future development is not guaranteed, the plan for Widgets and Apparatuses is to create a total of 50 widgets. What will the final list look like? For many years, the “Abacus” template was held in reserve. The idea was to make it part of a multitool app. Today, no longer! An abacus isn’t appropriate for Widgets or Apparatuses, but it is great tool for learning about Hype. That’s this week’s free Hype template.

The “Abacus” template is part of A Book About Hype because of element “Actions”. There’s a subtle difference between a “Click” (Tap) and a “Click Down” (Touch Start) event. A click requires a full cycle. First the mouse has to be pressed down and then the mouse has to be released. (A “Tap” event is similar.) If both events are not registered, the action doesn’t happen.

For many different types of HTML buttons, that functionality is perfectly normal. But for something quick and repetitive, like an abacus, using a quicker action is preferable. That’s what the “Abacus” template is about. It is an example of when “Mouse Down” (Touch Start) events are preferable.

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Download the Abacus Template to see how it works.