Free Template Tuesday #20 – Tumult Hype “Colors”

Colors Thumbnail — Light Burst — Red to the left, Blue up top, Yellow to the right, and Green down lowMany years ago, when Hype first launched, it didn’t quite do anything. Hype was lacking a critical feature — relative timelines. The Internet is interactive, but Hype had trouble reacting dynamically. That changed with the version 1.6 update. That is when the true potential of the software became apparent. Understanding relative timelines is critical in mastering Hype, which is why the “Colors” template is now available.

The “Colors” template is comprised of five timelines — Main, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. The “Main” timeline is the starting point. It has a grayish look, which is perfect for the printed edition of A Book About Hype. The inner pages are black and white. But since it isn’t a pop-up book, it’s not interactive. That’s where the “Colors” template goes into action.

By pressing a button — Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow — the animation responds accordingly. The color can be changed while a previous timeline was running. That’s the power of relative timelines. Since the first keyframe of each timeline is relative, the animation can change direction dynamically.

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Download the Colors Template to see how it works.