Osmos Review

Osmos - ThumbnailOsmos plays like an adventure in biology or astronomy. You control a bluish life-form known as a “mote”. To grow, you must consume other motes. You can eat these other life-forms by bumping into them. However, if you are the smaller life-form, you will be consumed. If that wasn’t concerning enough, changing your velocity will cause you to shrink. Tapping the screen causes the bluish life-form to shoot out a small piece of itself, propelling the mote in the opposite direction.

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Braveheart Review

Braveheart - ThumbnailWhile searching for quality apps to review, I found Braveheart. I was a bit confused by the title. “Mel Gibson has a game?” No, the app from Gaijin Entertainment is not about the classic movie. Instead, this app is more of a traditional role-playing game. To be clear, this app is not about William Wallace and his struggle for Scottish independence. Instead, it is about an alcoholic knight who quests for the Holy Grail. The story starts off with Richard drinking too much and ending up in trouble with the royal family. Instead of being sentenced to death, Richard must redeem himself by finding the holy grail.

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Scrabble Review (iOS)

Scrabble - ThumbnailLet’s get something out of the way. I’m not a big fan of Scrabble. I’m not very good at it. Although, plenty of people enjoy Scrabble. That’s why I decided to check things out. Maybe by playing this app I could learn to enjoy the game. It didn’t work out that way, but I was impressed by the quality of the app. Considering that a tabletop version of the game is far more expensive, I was surprised that the app was only 99¢.

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Word Lens Test

Word Lens reminds me of an old Batman: The Animated Series cartoon. The “Perchance to Dream” was a controversial episode. Batman was trapped in a dream, but he didn’t know it right away. His world was perfect. His parents were alive and everything seemed great. But when he picked up a book, the letters were all messed up. He realized that he had been dreaming because the brain can’t read while sleeping. He was a prisoner of the Mad Hatter. The only way Batman could wake up was to jump off a tower, forcing himself from a deep sleep.

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The Game of Life Review (iOS)

The Game of Life - ThumbnailThis app highlights the pricing tricks that app developers play on the iTunes App Store. When I chose this app for review, it was only 99¢. As I write this review, the price has shot back up to $6.99. It is highly unlikely that I would have bought this app at such a price. Yet, I only need to visit a toy store to see that this app is still a good value. The board game version of The Game of Life can easily run $15. That’s a mismatch to me, as I think the app version is more fun.

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