Angry Birds Review

Thumbnail - Angry Birds Loading ScreenI didn’t understand the popularity of Angry Birds. Week after week, it was perched at the top of the iTunes charts. It seemed that there was a self-fulfilling cycle occurring. The game is in first-place because it is popular and it is popular because it is in first place. How did this madness get started? Is there nothing better than this game? What’s so special about wingless creatures that hurl themselves into blocks and pigs? I decided to investigate the allure of this app.

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Game Center Review

Back in the days when the best video games were in dimly lit arcades, I don’t remember being that big of a fanatic about getting the high score. It was pretty pointless to me. The game would just be turned off and my record would be lost. Even after game makers got creative, adding batteries to store the score, the arcade game wouldn’t be around forever. Eventually the local pizza place, deli or video rental store would replace old games with new ones. My high score would be loaded into a truck or a van, shipped to parts unknown.

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